One of the things to get big during the pandemic outside of Amazon was the site Onlyfans. For those that do not know, Onlyfans is an adult site. Where you subscribe to your favorite influencer, porn star, or content creator. And for certain fees you get customized pictures, videos, and other content. This company is based out of London and provides another way for creators to just be a little freer. There are a ton of restrictions on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

OnlyFans During the Pandemic

You can have nude content, which is really what most clients want. They may love the photos on Instagram but just the thought of seeing your favorite influencer bare in any kind of way is appealing. With everyone stuck in the house with nothing to do. Or just the lonely feeling from no chance at human contact this caused the company to spike in popularity. Now not every influencer is able to make a full time living off this. You can get a nice chunk of change though.

The Money is Real!

But now with the pandemic nearing its end in the next few months. Will there be as much money going through the service to keep influencer is around? It will only be natural for people to want to get out of the house. Will this translate to people wanting to pay fees for a picture when they can go to strip clubs or other events and meet people for free? I truly do not know. As we evolve as people it is only natural that we will one day live out the scene in “Demolition Man”.

Where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone are having sex virtually. Until one of the parties takes off their helmet and says, “Can’t we just do things the old fashion way’? there is just something to the human touch and the effect it has on people. This article is not pro or con to Onlyfans, this is a question because this narrator is genuinely curious about the future of this brand and what will be the new way of communicating with fans.

Is it Worth it For the Fans?

I assume people will look for other options because their will be cheaper options where you can get more. Some of the talent on the site have a monthly subscription fee, plus if you message them in their DM’s you must tip a minimum of five dollars to send them a message plus their daily photos and videos, they will be sending your way. Talking to one person that started using the site after the initial lockdown happened.

He said “I was on the site for three months and my monthly bills varied. But the first month it was 2500. The second month 3300 and the third month was 2000” the only reason the last month was the cheapest is because he became pickier with what he would get. As he said from his experience the content creators will give you all the attention you want if you are paying. But the problem with some of the content is that it does lack sometimes as the creator tries to stretch you thin with teases.

This was not him complaining just describing how the game goes and finding his way on the site. This makes me wonder, is there a way to improve this situation where videos are not locked but maybe you get a preview before you buy something? And would creators be receptive to it? Me being a content creator myself, I think I would be. I write comic books and part of the appeal for a comic collector is touching the comic and opening the first few pages to see what they are getting themselves into.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Some might say that will hurt your business but people who want a book will buy it regardless. And anyone on the fence that will bring them around. Even if they do not buy the single issue, they will come back for the graphic novel a few months maybe even a year later. I can see this model working for Onlyfans as well, imagine getting a ten second video preview of a creator taking his pants off to “Pony” from singer Genuine or Cardi B twerking. That can only entice and encourage the client to buy the entire video.

And to discourage anyone from just watching the preview over and over. You can make the preview a one- or two-time viewing experience. I have never used the site for personal purposes just listened to a few people I know that use it. It does sound like a great way to have privacy if you want to be in that world. But it also seems like a good way to have things falsely advertised to you. So, maybe as we come out of this pandemic the site will evolve and help creators and fans have safe, fair fun for where both sides can win.