What is going on with Aaron Rodgers these days? Is he going to be a Green Bay Packer? Is he not going to be a Green Bay Packer? Or does he see hosting Jeopardy in his future? Answer? What is, who the heck knows?

When it all started

The Rodgers beef with the Green Bay Packers actually drew back when the team selected Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love in the first-round of the 2020 NFL draft. Rodgers was very upset with the selection and claimed that he was not informed by Packers GM Brian Gutekunst. Normally, Rodgers is more of a leader by action on the football field, but he has been more vocal about off the field drama that really should not be affecting his star career. It’s only affecting his personal gain. The question is, how long will it take before the quarterback makes a regretful decision?

Rodgers for the most part has lived a great life since being an NFL-Star, and has enjoyed the pluses and minuses of being a big celebrity. Also, he has a Super Bowl ring that he earned in Feb. 2011 over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Arlington Texas. Not to mention, he has been covered in both endorsements and commercial deals including State Farm Insurance. Now, that’s a discount-double check.

What the Packers have to Say

Right now, there is a major disconnect between Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers Football Operations department. On one end, Rodgers thinks he will not be coming back to the team that has been great to him since being drafted in 2005. On the other end, the organization says that they have no plans to trade or release the veteran quarterback despite his complaints and comments. Things are very ugly when a star quarterback and his football operations are not on the same page, and it’s even more appalling when the GM tries to spin the story in a positive direction. No, it is not a beautiful day in the neighborhood, nor a beautiful day for a neighbor. And no, I won’t be your neighbor any time soon Mr. Rodgers.

What Others Around the League Think

Things already look bleak for Rodgers and his career with the Green Bay Packers, but they look even worse as the veteran quarterback does not have any ringing endorsements from current and former members of the NFL. And oddly enough, one of the criticisms came from a former Green Bay Packers head coach; Mike Holmgren. He said in the Chicago Sun Times that, “They (the Packers) didn’t handle it very well, I don’t think.” Holmgren also said during a radio show appearance on Carmen and Jurko for ESPN Chicago, “It’s not good, that’s for sure. I can’t imagine a relationship between the coach or management or whoever is making the decisions and the starting quarterback like that getting to this point. I just can’t imagine it. I wouldn’t allow it. It wouldn’t happen. But now, it has happened.”

Rodgers’ actions were also condemned by former Hall of Fame Quarterback and current FOX NFL Sunday Pregame anchor Terry Bradshaw. He did not hold back in criticizing the veteran signal caller for his poor behavior and attitude towards the Green Bay Packers Organization. He said during an interview on WFAN’S Moose and Maggie show in NYC, “Him being that upset shows me just how weak he is. Who the hell cares who you draft? He’s a three-time MVP of the league and he’s worried about this guy they drafted last year?” Bradshaw then expanded on his comments comparing the situation to when the Steelers drafted two rookie quarterbacks who sat behind him during his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He quoted, ““For him to be upset, my God I don’t understand that. Pittsburgh drafted Mark Malone number one, Cliff Stout in the third or fourth round. I had them coming at me from all angles,” Bradshaw said. “I embraced it because when we went to practice, I wasn’t worried about those guys. It didn’t scare me a bit. So I don’t understand why he’s so upset at Green Bay.”

Former Hall of Famer and fellow Pregame host of FOX NFL Sunday Jimmy Johnson sees the Green Bay Packers as a potential Super Bowl Championship NFL team, but without Rodgers, he thinks it would be disastrous for both parties. Rodgers would not be earning his multimillion bucks, and Green Bay would have to start over by rebuilding with Jordan Love. In an interview with the FOX and Friends panel on FOX News, Johnson said, “Of course, Green Bay at New Orleans, everyone is talking about the quarterback situation with Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, I think they’re in a position to be a Super Bowl contender. Now if Aaron Rodgers is not there, I think it’s disastrous for Aaron Rodgers. He’s not gonna make any money and on top of that he won’t be on as good a football team. The other thing, it would be disastrous for Green Bay because they are a Super Bowl contender.”

And now maybe the one person who has the most to lose out of this whole mess and what he has to say; Rodgers’ Number 1 Wide Receiver and it goes without saying the Number 2 face of the team Davante Adams. He stated that if Rodgers did move on from Green Bay it could have a big affect on his own future in Green Bay. “Potentially, Potentially,” answered Adams Monday on The Herd with Colin Cowherd when asked if Rodgers leaving would affect his future:  “That’s my guy, that’s the only one that I’ve played with. We built up a special connection over the years that’s put us both in really good positions in our career.  Not that he needed me to come along for it, cause he was already in that spot.  But we established a lot together.  It would change a lot, man.  Doesn’t mean potentially I’d be gone, but I’d definitely have to do some extra thinking if my guy wasn’t here.” So it looks as if cause for Green Bay’s concerns aren’t exclusive to just Rodgers’ future anymore.

Rodgers’ loses Another Endorsement

During the 2021 NFL draft, the league ran a commercial for the NFL schedule release that came out on May 12. It was a 30-second spot dubbed “Rodgers vs. Mahomes” as one of the big games to be played in the first ever 17-game season. Well, that commercial was long gone and was replaced by, “Lamar Jackson vs Mahomes.” It is a reference to the Chiefs-Ravens game set for 2021, which will pit 2019 MVP Jackson against 2018 MVP Mahomes against one another. This is due to the fact that we do not know which team Rodgers will join this season.

A developing story with Rodgers is a major financial setback of losing his State Farm endorsements as he has had his own upcoming commercials (Up until the insurance company added Patrick Mahomes) cancelled due to the confusion if Rodgers would be back with Green Bay. It looks like people will now be getting their, “Mahomes and Auto Insurance” instead of their “Great Rodgers Rates”.

Where Could Rodgers Go?

There are many rumors swirling around the NFL that Rodgers may bail the Packers for another organization. Here are my predictions as to where Aaron Rodgers may land should Green Bay pull the plug.

  1. Denver Broncos- The Broncos would not be a bad landing spot for Rodgers, as this is a very talented team that with Rodgers, could be in a position to win a few more football games than last year. Third-year quarterback Drew Lock had a sophomore slump last year. I would not part ways with Lock as he has shown he can play in the NFL, so by adding Rodgers to the fold, Lock will have one of the best by his side to help further his development. I don’t know how much of a fan Rodgers is of rapper Young Jeezy though, but Lock is as shown by this tweet.

  2. Washington Football Team- Rodgers landing in the nation’s capital would certainly bring out the best out of the teams in the weakest division in the NFL. Controversial Owner Dan Snyder has never been afraid to open his deep pockets on crazy free agent signings or trades. Don’t be surprised if the Super Bowl starved owner pulls-off a blockbuster deal for the star quarterback. This would come with the opportunity cost of giving up sophomore linebacker Montez Sweat.
  3. Las Vegas Raiders- Why not join the city of lights where you have a luck of the draw. Rodgers has been a gambling risk taker all of his life and has made enough money to hit the strip of Vegas. Plus, the Raiders would be all-in with acquiring a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback. I don’t see that happening as Jon Gruden looks to be comfortable growing his team organically through the draft . Plus, Derek Carr is a decent enough quarterback to win under him and Gruden.                                                                                                                                                                                                           So at this point in time Rodgers’ is saying to himself, “should I stay, or should I go?”


  • Colleen, May 17, 2021 @ 1:37 pm

    Wow a lot of interesting information in this article! Can’t wait to see where he ends up!

  • Eric, May 17, 2021 @ 2:47 pm

    Being a GB fan, I hate to see Rodgers go to another team but he has to go where he’s valued. I’m interested to see how this plays out. Very in depth article with a lot of good points and I like the Mr. Rodgers references. Nice work Jamie!

  • Dominic Scafetta, May 17, 2021 @ 8:00 pm

    Wow, what a block buster! NY FOOTBALL GIANTS could use him for a year…

  • Jeff Scafetta, May 18, 2021 @ 5:38 am

    Jordan Love made Rodger step up after a couple of bad years (I thought Rodgers was washed up). Competition is a great thing! Nice article!

  • Scafetta, May 18, 2021 @ 5:39 am

    Jordan Love made Rodger step up after a couple of bad years (I thought Rodgers was washed up). Competition is a great thing! Nice article! This is coming from a Rodgers fan!

  • Scafetta, May 18, 2021 @ 5:40 am

    Jordan Love made Rodger step up after a couple of bad years (I thought Rodgers was washed up). Competition is a great thing! Nice article! This is coming from a Rodgers fan!

  • Andy, May 18, 2021 @ 5:47 am

    Would love to see him go to the NFC East

  • Kevin, May 18, 2021 @ 5:53 am

    Love this J Man well written!!!

  • Timothy Robbins, May 18, 2021 @ 6:19 am

    Excellent article Jamie, you have written and researched yet another incredible piece of work. Thank you.

  • Susan Becker, May 18, 2021 @ 7:00 am

    You give a lot of interesting news about Rodgers. I’m sure the Packers and their fans are probably worried about losing him to another team as well. I enjoyed reading your great article, Jamie!!

  • Jonathan Buck, May 18, 2021 @ 7:02 am

    This is more information on Aaron Rodgers than anyone has put out before thank you for the insight and in-depth article I’d love to see where he’s going to go? Love to see him win the Superbowl with Green Bay as a big fan thanks for the article. Big fan of your writing the buck stops here.

  • Joanne Hume-Nigro, May 18, 2021 @ 10:47 am

    This article does a good job of providing the background information, quoting noteable references, explaining the nuances, and providing humorous references such as the very last line. A great read.

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    Well thought out and informative on a lot of options if it gets uglier.
    Another great article !

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    Great article

  • JV, May 22, 2021 @ 8:26 am

    Interesting article and one which addresses the seeming needs of the individual in contrast to the organization. Needs versus wants, in the balance there is plenty of all parties. Ones wishes may be more significant than “money” especially if you’ve already a boatload of it. Greed begets greed…be thankful for the wonderful opportunities most take for granted. And yes, the grass may be greener in Green Bay, or not. But likely greener than most average persons wildest dreams, needs and wants. Regardless, the outcome from these decisions…-life has proven good for all sited and referenced in this in-depth well written article. Be grateful!!

  • Kyle Dechau, May 23, 2021 @ 12:09 pm

    Wow what an arrogant little bitch. Imagine having so big an ego you get threatened when your team gets another quarterback to prepare for the future (when he is like 37).

  • Janet, May 23, 2021 @ 2:36 pm

    A lot of information about Rodgers that I didn’t know and well written.

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    Very informative and eye opening!

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