We are less then a month away from one of the most important films and movements in cinema history. That is not over stating it or over dramatizing it. What happened in 2016 and 2017 will go down as either one of the biggest blunders. Or one of the biggest money saving situations in history. Zack Synder had a three movie Justice League arch in place that fans were looking forward to. As we know we got the Whedon cut instead for a lot of reasons that have been explored to death. So, we will not talk about them in this article.

Less Than a Month Away

This article is talking about why this film should be interesting no matter if it is good or bad. Me personally I believe it will be a good film. But unfulfilling as I would have to think that Warner Brothers will give Synder a part two and finale to his story. I say unfulfilling in the most comic book fan way possible. Due to the pandemic, we were robbed of literally everything, and now that “WandaVision” has kicked off the live-action for 2021. We will not want it to stop.

Nightmare or Reality?

First of all, the final trailer was filled with tension and a desperate Batman. Which is never good because it means things are truly in dire straits. It is clear the nightmare scene will take up at least a good thirty to forty-five minutes. We know that Cyborg, Batman, and the Joker will be in this impossible future. In my opinion the nightmare scene and all of Cyborg’s scenes will be the most fleshed out and important parts of the movie.

After watching the Whedon cut again recently there is no room for anything he shot. Not because it is all bad but because it fits more of an MCU tone and not a darker Synder tone. We have had two movies with the same vibe to build to this and really if there are jokes, they will be dry and to the point. Not witty one liners from characters that have not been fleshed out. This will be our very first chance to see The Flash and Cyborg get real screen time.

We will see what happened to Cyborg and his mother and Flash as he meets different people such as his future wife Iris before he joins the league. Also, we will get our first taste of “Flashpoint”. Or at least the speed force and how it works as it pertains to the Flash’s powers. Also, how does Steppenwolf handle himself in this outing? Is he a real threat? Or someone that the league can dispatch of quickly? All signs point to no and that this will be a battle before the real war with Darkseid.

What About the Characters?

Now what about Wonder Woman. I believe her and Batman will be recruiting the team together and her role will be that of lead. Not the reluctant leader but the leader in the present that the team needs while Batman deals with his grief and failure of the battle with Doomsday. Now the most intriguing character to me in this entire film is Aquaman. I am not so sure what his true role will be. Looking at the trailers we know in this future which is five years later.

That several of the heroes are dead, Aquaman is included in that as we see his trident next to Wonder Woman’s shield and sword. But this feels like he will be a loner for most of the film and he may join up finally after Atlantis is attacked like in the Whedon cut. However, I do not know if he will be in the movie more. It kind of feels like he will be in the movie for the same amount of time because he has yet to embrace his true destiny. This film is before the events in his solo film.

As far as Batman goes, he should be all over this movie like Cyborg. Except while we are essentially getting Cyborg’s origin. We will get a paranoid, grief-stricken Batman that is now doing what he can to right the wrongs of his past. Which means paying the proper tribute to a fallen comrade while stopping a threat that he knows he is not equipped to deal with. The biggest difference I can see with Alfred in this cut is that it seems like he is against the team coming together.

The End or the Beginning?

The Whedon cut was encouraging the team to come together and to me, this makes more sense. With Wonder Woman confirming who Steppenwolf is. This will put everyone on high alert. Batman may want a team that can counteract this threat. But just because he is willing to die for this cause does not mean other people will want to die for this war as well. Either way, I think we will see a more unified Wonder Woman and Batman. No matter what you think about how we got to this point. We are here now, and I believe it will be a fun ride for all of the fans, actors, and Zack Synder.