2021 is officially in full swing. As we enter the new year, millions of Americans are working on their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it be managing weight, kicking cigarettes, going to the gym, or saving money, most people fail at keeping their resolutions and pick up old habits before February even rolls around. Not only is it difficult to start a new lifestyle in general, but in the midst of a pandemic, it is hard to do anything more than curl up on your couch and lean into comfortable habits.

2020 was an incredibly difficult year for most people between fighting off a virus, working from home, and being separated from their loved ones. But in this new season of our lives, why not embrace 2021 as a year of self-care? To assist you with whatever you may be kicking or picking up this year, we have compiled a list of suggestions that may help you stick to your resolutions. 

Virtual Buddy

It has probably been months since you have seen your friends and family in person, but that does not mean you cannot still have a workout buddy or a pillar of support during your 2021 journey. Between work and school, most of us have used FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meets to connect with our peers.

Why not schedule daily appointments with your friends over these platforms to have an online workout session? Or a check-in to keep each other accountable? Or just have someone to talk to? Being separated from the people we love is difficult and leaves us feeling isolated and uninspired. Try scheduling 3 days a week that you and your friends or family can virtually meet up and workout or talk. You might just find yourself feeling more capable and supported.

Keep A Diary

Grab a notebook or open up notes on your phone and start logging your progress. If you are trying to manage weight loss or gain, write down what you ate that day and what your weigh-in was. Trying to save money? Write down how much you intend to spend and save each week and where you plan on cutting back. Make sure to write down ‘why’ you want to follow through on your resolution and what your end goal looks like for you.  

Feel free to add in pictures and doodles to personalize it for you. Imagery can be extremely helpful, if you are a visual person. Having charts and schedules will help keep you motivated. It will help keep you motivated. You can also use a notebook to track your moods, your intentions, and your habits. Writing down what we do on the daily, helps us become aware of our actions and enables opportunity to change.If you are on the go and need something more simple, opt for an app that has everything scheduled out for you. 

Allow Your Self To Make Mistakes

This may sounds counterintuitive but the more we restrict ourselves, the more likely we are to fail. If you slip up in your progress, take a deep breathe, and continue on in your journey. Do not punish by restricting yourself to make up for the incident but rather accept your mistake and keep pushing forward. You are human and you are bound to make mistakes, but that does not mean you should not live the life you want. You can even schedule cheat days where you allow yourself a small splurge whether it be that new bag you have been eyeing for a while, a comfort food you have been craving, or just a “lazy” day from the gym you need to relax. By scheduling cheat days, you become in control of your impulses and are more likely to reason with yourself the next time you get an urge fall into an old habit. 

Remember that through this all, you are making a change to improve yourself. New Year’s resolutions should not be punishment, but rather an opportunity to start the year on a fresh note. Do not be hard on yourself. After a year like 2020, the last thing you need is another source of stress. Balance your sacrifices with your rewards to work towards your goal without denying yourself the happiness you deserve. 

Try these tips and tricks and let us know if they worked for you. What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2021? How do you hold yourself accountable during these challenging times? Tell us in the comments.