HBO Max released a two-part documentary series focusing on the life and career of Tiger Woods. The series is titled Tiger and begins when Tiger Woods is ten months old. His father, Earl Woods, would sit ten-month-old Tiger in the garage while he hit golf balls. Watching his father hit golf balls was the beginning of Tiger Woods’ love for golf.

Tiger Woods is known as one of the best golfers globally and is one of the most famous athletes of all time. He holds numerous golf records and has won five Masters Tournaments, as well as four PGA Championships.

The new documentary series, Tiger, takes viewers on the bumpy journey of Tiger Woods’ life. Viewers get a glimpse of how Earl Woods and Kultida Woods raised their son, as well as how he became who he is today. They also get an inside look at the controversial cheating scandal surrounding Woods in 2009. The documentary covers everything about Tiger Woods, from his golf career to his scandalous personal life. Both parts of the documentary are available to watch on HBO Max.

Tiger Woods’ Rise to Fame


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At the young age of two years old, Tiger Woods was already golfing like a professional. His father, Earl Woods, trained his son to be the best when it came to golf. According to the HBO documentary, Earl Woods would distract his son in all kinds of ways to prepare him to stay concentrated no matter what. He would talk loudly and walk in front of Tiger as he was about to hit the ball. Earl Woods did this so that his son would be prepared to play golf in any environment.

Earl Woods’ training clearly helped Tiger in the long run. In 1997, Tiger Woods won his first U.S Masters at 21 years old. After this win, everyone began talking about Tiger Woods, and he shot to fame. The U.S Masters win in 1997 was a big deal because Woods became the first African American to win the Masters. He was also the youngest person to accomplish such a victory.

Throughout Woods’ early career, he managed to break records and earn awards. By the time Tiger Woods was 24, he had broken the record for the lowest scoring average in PGA Tour history and was considered the greatest golfer of all time. He rose to fame very quickly, which is documented in the HBO series.

The Cheating Scandal

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In 2009, Tiger Woods reached a low point in his career and personal life. Tiger Woods began having an affair with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. When his wife, Elin Nordegren, found out about the affair, Tiger Woods drove off and crashed into a tree. This car crash made headlines everywhere, which led to news of the cheating scandal.

As the days went on, news broke that Woods had several cases of infidelity. It was not only Rachel Uchitel, but at least ten other women as well. He had been unfaithful to his wife with multiple women throughout the years. Due to the scandal, many of his endorsements were re-evaluating their relationship with Woods. Many companies like At&T and Gatorade ended their sponsorships with Tiger Woods. This left Tiger Woods mentally and emotionally drained.

Tiger Woods has two children with Elin Nordegren, and the cheating scandal broke Nordegren’s heart. In the documentary, there is a scene where they discuss Elin sitting by herself amidst moving boxes, and Sam Alexis Woods, the daughter of Tiger and Elin, approached her mother and asked where it hurt and if she could kiss it better. Elin replied, her heart hurt. Their daughter was only two years old at the time of the scandal, making the scene heartbreaking.

The Return of Tiger Woods


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In 2019, Tiger Woods made a comeback in his golfing career. After ten years of personal life issues, including cheating scandals and injuries, he returned to professional golf. He won the 2019 Masters, which was his time playing in the competition in 11 years.

While the HBO documentary mentions Tiger Woods’ return in part two of the series, it puts the main focus on the infamous cheating scandal. Part one focuses on the rise of Tiger Woods and how he grew up. However, part two discusses his trips to Las Vegas and how the cheating scandal took over his life. His return to golf is only briefly mentioned towards the end of the series.

Overall, the HBO Max documentary is a fascinating watch that reveals details of Tiger Woods’ life and career. It covers everything from his start in golf and his father’s death to his cheating scandal and returning to the sport. Tiger Woods is an exceptional golfer, and no scandal can change that basic fact.

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