Singer/role model Ashley Frangipane “Halsey” gets personal and relatable during a few of her interviews. Mainly talking on her mental health and writing her newest album titled “Manic” expanding on her mental state.

Halsey Expands on Her Mental State

She proudly raises mental health awareness through various organizations. According to Record Union, 73% of musicians suffer some sort of mental illness. Musicians are suffering globally and nobody even knows they are hurting. Experiencing the flashing lights, fancy carpets and all of the glamour, seeing nothing but pain and misery. There are places that try and give the most help and support they possibly can but as long as depression and anxiety exist, there will be people who suffer. In this case, specifically musicians have found a similarity between their conditions, music is an amazing coping mechanism. I believe that is the secret ingredient that makes Ashley, Halsey, who she is.

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness right now is very important. Manic bipolar disorder is the curse which haunts the songwriter. Having a mental disorder is not something easy. You go from being happy and productive to being really sad and closed off at any given moment. You’re like a ticking time-bomb of emotion and people react accordingly. Imagine one of our favorite celebrities going through that daily while running music through a fine tooth comb. That’s Halsey. Her album “Manic” was released January 17, 2020 and has been a non-stop ride ever since. She has been interviewing and sharing a little bit about her experience through having a mental illness. Halsey speaks about ‘Manic’, describing it as a “love letter” to who she is when she’s in a manic phase. Her thoughts and emotions come straight from the soul and we couldn’t ask for anything more raw.

Suffering Through Mania

During an interview with psychologist Dr. Kapur, Halsey exclaims “I wrote it as a kind of study of all these different emotions and perspectives that I was having through the process of making the record, but what was really important to me was making sure that it was also educational.” She is educating people about this illness and cause. Treating this situation with care and releasing love along the way with the sound of her manic album. “A lot of people say, ‘You don’t seem like you have bipolar disorder”. Hasley says during the same interview with Dr.Kapur. Just because she leads a life of success, doesn’t mean she isn’t suffering from mania and the symptoms that come with it.

Misconceptions About Having Mania

Having mania is like having a toxic kid sibling nagging at you for attention all day. No matter how hard you try to shake it, it’s still right there. No matter who comes to play, it is the mania that drives people away. There can be different triggers to mania or it can come in the form of an attack of randomness. Either way, mania is not something most people have the time or energy to sit and deal with, it’s easier to write music or a poem right then and there and manage it that way. One of the most beautiful things someone who is manic can see is a blank sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless with a sheet of paper.

You’re the author of your own story. Not all stories are easy to read. Not all stories have happy endings. Some misconceptions about having mania would be that people always think you’re angry if you’re manic. That’s not exactly the case in every form of mania. You can be left feeling sad or depressed. Sometimes, you can be flat out exhausted because of the constant swirl of thoughts and emotions you have going on in your head. While on one hand you can feel discouraged or down, you could also feel unstoppable, invincible and like there is nothing on Earth that could hold you back.

“I’m Listening”

Halsey participated in a mental health and suicide prevention campaign called “I’m Listening” which was hosted by radio network Entercom as result of her own attempt at suicide when she was only 17 years old. The campaign was broadcast live on September 10th, 2017. Suicidal tendencies are common during manic outbreaks. We are so very grateful to have Ashley Frangipane in this world and are very proud of her accomplishments as an artist and as a human being. Mania is not something that just goes away, sure there are aids like medication but it’s always truly there. When you have it, the choice is yours weather or not you let it debilitate you. Sometimes, in Halsey’s case, you can use it to your advantage and chanel mania into art and beauty.

Her music speaks on many volumes. Her words are pure poetry and the world is her audience. The awareness she has brought to light has been impactful and is appreciated by all who hear. She is leaving her mark on this world and that is something we can all aspire to do better at.