The Grammy nominated band BTS, has proven to be a colossal worldwide musical powerhouse, and on one of their latest conquests took over MTV Unplugged for one very special night on February 24, 2021. Now, nearly a month after, the videos continue to rapidly gain views.  The seven titans, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, delivered astounding performances from their 2020 album “BE,” including “Telepathy,” “Blue & Grey,” “Life Goes On,” and “Dynamite.” Also, wowing viewers with a heartfelt special cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Check out BTS’ amazing interpretation of Coldplay’s 2005 classic below.

BTS’ Cover Of Coldplay’s “Fix You” Has Over 23 Million Views

The MTV Unplugged video Of BTS’ cover of “Fix You” already has over 23 million views on YouTube. Evidently, talent speaks for itself. It wasn’t long after Coldplay themselves applauded BTS for their rendition. Coldplay reciprocated the love by commenting under the MTV video and took to social media to share the cover with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories.

An important highlight to mention is Coldplay captioned their acknowledgement of the ‘Fix You’ cover in BTS’ native Korean, expressing it was “beautiful,” which was just the cherry on top.

Covers of popular songs have a history of inviting negative criticism and malicious hate. However, BTS delivered with stellar quality on the iconic MTV Unplugged set. Needless to say, there is, perhaps, no greater sense of accomplishment than being saluted and praised by the original artist of the song. Millions of fans, and non-fans as well, swarmed to congratulate and thank BTS for pouring their feelings into the touching performance.

In an agitated time of numbness and confusion, BTS sing with empathetic transparency evoking the sentiments of a whole world struggling to stay afloat.

“Life Goes On” With BTS On MTV Unplugged

The turmoils of this pandemic-era are being felt in unison worldwide, and BTS are no exception. The band’s performance of “Life Goes On” showed their vulnerability to these unprecedented times as they voiced the mutual echoes of this pandemic limbo weighing down on all.

The first verse of the song appropriately narrates how society was ambushed to a halt in 2020 due to Covid-19:

“One day, the world stopped without any warning/ Spring didn’t know it had to wait/ Showed up not even a minute late/ Streets erased of footprints/ I lie here, fallen to the ground/ Time goes by on its own/ Without a single apology, yeah”

The song “Life Goes On” is both a mixture of accepting what has happened, no matter how dark today may seem, and also a consoling whisper and uplifting reminder that after everything goes, better days will shine. As the song proceeds, it shares a snippet of that much anticipated future,

“Stopped for now but don’t hide in the shadow/ The light will glow once again.”

If Covid Had Two Favorite Colors,  They Would Be “Blue & Grey”

The beautiful irony of “Blue & Grey” is color depicting a colorless situation. For this performance, BTS took to an atmospheric setting illuminating the melancholic notes of the song.

If Covid had two favorite colors, they would be “Blue & Grey,” seeing as that has been exactly the mood since the lockdowns began back in 2020.

Furthermore, BTS’ “Blue & Grey” feels like a collective manifestation of the loneliness and dejection plaguing every single affected individual. A quick look at the lyrics conveys that sense:

I just wanna be happier/I’m cold so thaw me/ My hand reaching out endlessly/ Echo devoid of color/ Oh this ground feels so heavier/I am singing by myself/ I just wanna be happier/Is it too much to ask

The group’s delivery of the performance has the effect of piercing vocals injecting a healing serum into a lifeless carcass and feeling understood. It’s as if sharing a warm blanket from the cold solemn of these past and present circumstances.

BTS Channel Their “Telepathy” Through MTV Unplugged Performance

Bouncing to the retro vibes of “Telepathy,” BTS grooved in style surrounded by a setting inspired from beloved nostalgic classics.

BTS has shared the song itself is about the physical absence of being able to connect with their fans—better known as ARMY—during this pandemic. While the Coronavirus does feel like an unjust purgatorial punishment that suddenly happened, unprovoked, “Telepathy” aims to strengthen the bond between BTS and ARMY, despite distance and obstacle. That pillar of community BTS shares with their fans stands true in the lyrics:

We may be far apart now/ But our hearts are still the same/ Even if you’re not by my side, yeah/  Even if I’m not by your side, yeah/ You know we’re together

The telepathic connection is a reassuring support of weathering out any storm.

Life is “Dynamite”

The men of BTS, all decked out in white suits, served a festive performance from their seats.

Their song “Dynamite” proved to be the energy jolt everyone needed in 2020. Moreover, the song rapidly became a mega-hit after its release and continues to be in 2021. The YouTube video for “Dynamite” has over 925 million views—and soon to hit 1 billion—25 million likes, and over 13 million comments. 

When the world was in need, BTS delivered. By nature, people covet and gravitate towards the light. With or without the grimness of the pandemic. Nevertheless, “Dynamite is the high-octane whirlwind of positivity that has infectiously brightened the mood of many, if not the whole world. Take that Corona!

BTS Are Paving The Way

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that BTS received their first major Grammy nomination for the 2021 Grammy Awards. Specifically, for their single, “Dynamite.” The chart-topping beast has won them the nomination in the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. 

In addition, the Grammys booked BTS for a performance of their smash-hit “Dynamite.” All the way from South Korea, BTS performed the single this past Sunday, March 14th, 2021, via the Grammys. This marks a historic moment for BTS as the first Korean artist to perform a solo-stage at the Grammys. Doubling that historic milestone by also being the first Korean group to acquire a nomination.

On top of that, IFPI just awarded them the title of #1 Global Recording Artists of 2020, and rightfully so. BTS are no strangers to the IFPI chart, and, in fact, have lived in that chart for a few years now. They have made their steady climb thanks to their musical prowess.

If that wasn’t excitement enough, the men have also renewed their continued partnership with UNICEF with a $1 million donation. The BTS LOVE MYSELF campaign stands up to #ENDviolence with UNICEF against bullying and neglect. Since it’s conception in 2017, the LOVE MYSELF campaign aims to help youth with self-esteem and mental well-being by encouraging love and kindness.

It’s safe to say, BTS, the Grammy nominated, chart-topping, humanitarian artists, have had one spectacular commencement of a year—with no sign of stopping.

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