After a short hiatus, the multi-genre producer and DJ announced his comeback and aims for the charts. Graham Kramer confirmed feature rumors about his upcoming project, that will have fans of a few other artists on their toes.

Graham Kramer got popularity as the producer that always saw more than just his music. Always having to get his hands on the bigger vision, it was him who helped major festivals such as Rolling Loud, Ultra Music Festival, Prime Fest & Billboard Top 100 attract crowds across a multitude of audiences. One of the first to see the compatibility of modern hip-hop, pop and electronic dance music, the mainstream’s minds have opened up more and more for cross-genre collaborations and ultimately transformed the line ups and images of major festivals.

This has only been the continued and reasonable consequence of his artistic approach. Graham N Kramer, the producer, has always been able to link up with global superstars from a variety of genres, yet managing to get their sound on the same page. So for those familiar with his work and attitude, it comes to little or no surprise that the rumors about his upcoming project included a handful of top rank names in the music industry.

The Top Of The Top

Mega stars such as Justin Bieber, Lil’ Pump and Diplo not only are great examples for his cross-genre activities, they are also among the names Kramer has now confirmed to be involved in his upcoming releases.

It had been quiet around the artist for a little while, but it’s become clear that Kramer took his time to work on new music. It is yet to be confirmed when and in what format these new releases will reach the public. If we’d have to guess, we’d assume there will be a good bunch of singles that we can expect to be released strategically at some point this year. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be a Graham Kramer project if it wasn’t aiming to break the charts, right?

So with the hope that his fans won’t have to wait too long, we are just as excited for the intriguing collaborations Graham Kramer announced.