TikTok, the newest app known for its funny or dance videos, is home to the newest influencers who are quickly taking over Hollywood: Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

D’Amelio Reality TV Show

Recently, the D’Amelio family has signed with Hulu to star in their own docuseries. Called The D’Amelio Show, the series will follow the family and their journey of new stardom. But How did the D’Amelio sisters become major stars?

Home Life

Charli and Dixie are both from Connecticut, which attended Private school before they gained stardom. TikTok became the newest “It” app, where people can create different types of videos to their followers. Beginning to dance at the age of 3, Charli began posting random dancing videos to various songs. Her first TikTok to become viral was a duet video with @Move_With_Joy and her videos have been gaining millions of views since. Since joining the app in May 2019, Charli was the first to surpass 100 Million followers. 

Dixie D’Amelio is Charli’s older sister. Graduating high school in 2020, Dixie joined the app shortly after her sister in 2019. Along with Charli’s fame, Dixie gained millions of views. Unlike Charli, Dixie isn’t a dancer, mostly posting trends and comedy videos on her TikTok page. Since 2019, Dixie now has 46.7 Million followers on the app, which makes her the 7th most followed person on TikTok.

Big Move to Los Angeles

The family moved from their Connecticut home to reside in Los Angeles, while the D’Amelio sisters can become professional influencers. The sisters have become open with their fans, constantly talking to them over social media.

New Opportunities 

Since gaining fame, Charli and Dixie gained amazing opportunities. In 2020, the sisters joined a TikTok Content creator house, the Hype House, along with Addison Rae and Chase Hudson. In the Hype House, the sisters gained exposure and millions of views. Dixie even starred on Brat TV’s Youtube Series, Attaway General. After leaving the Hype House for more opportunities, Charli and Dixie signed to United Talent Agency. By signing with the Agency, the D’Amelio sisters started their own podcast: Charli and Dixie 2 Chix. Charli embraced her Social Media Influencer role and published a book, Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping in Real. Dixie used her influencer title to achieve her biggest dream of becoming a Singer. Her singing career is becoming huge with over 11 million monthly listeners. She has songs with some of music’s biggest stars, such as Liam Payne and Wiz Khalifa. 


As normal teenagers, Charli and Dixie have had relationships with other TikTok stars. Back in 2019, Charli began dating TikTok star, Chase Hudson. The couple showed off their relationship status many times through their videos, showing them dancing and laughing together. The couple even got to travel to Hawaii on a sponsored trip. However, the couple’s relationship ended on good terms, until it was revealed that Hudson had cheated on D’Amelio with another TikTok star, Nessa Barnett. Social media went into a frenzy when the cheating scandal was revealed. Today, Chase and Charli made up and are now great friends. Charli and Chase still even make TikTok’s with one another. Along with Charli, Dixie has dated a few TikTok Stars. Dixie began dating TikTok star, Griffin Johnson. The pair made it Instagram official in March 2020 and later posted TikTok videos with one another. After Chase Hudson posted cheating allegations against Griffin Johnson, Dixie and Griffin called it quits. Shortly after the breakup, Dixie started dating another TikTok star, Noah Beck. Since becoming a couple, they have become TikTok’s newest “It” couple.

Social Media Criticism

With a lot of exposure, comes a lot of criticism. The D’Amelio sisters aren’t perfect and constantly get strucitzed for everything they do. Their first big scandal hit this year after a video posted on the D’Amelio Family YouTube Channel. The video showed the D’Amelio sisters being rude and ungrateful to their family chef. The girls have since apologized for their actions. Their rise to stardom is almost unheard of. The sisters have gained a significant amount of followers on social media and have since been known to be “Social Media Royalty.” The girls have been featured on other Youtubers channels, such as David Dobrik and James Charles. 

With their new Hulu series, viewers will get to see how the family has dealt with their new rise to fame. The D’Amelio sisters have talked about their interest in reality TV to their followers. 

The D’Amelio sisters are far from perfect but the sister duo will make a long lasting impression on the Social Media world. With their rising fame, Charli and Dixie continue to grow on their social media platforms and branch out into different realms in the entertainment world.  Hollywood has to keep an eye out for Charli and Dixie, because these sisters aren’t leaving anytime soon. They will continue to show why they are considered Social Media Royalty.