We all can remember a time when our grandmas told us to swallow honey raw for a sore throat or rub calamine lotion on acne-prone skin, at least I do. After years of experiencing western medical strategies for every ache, pain, and virus, many unknown foods and ingredients have proven to be even more effective for the body healing process than medication. As many sicknesses and diseases are difficult to cure and manage all on their own, many medication and medical strategies prolong healing and even cause extra issues and unnecessary side effects.

The body is sacred, needs to be fed nutrients and refilled with what the body is lacking. Often a refuel of nutrient-filled foods can cure or improve the sicknesses and diseases that have seem to take over the world. What simple foods and ingredients are we missing that could change the world of medicine and healing for the better? Here is a list that will inform you of just that and a start to healthier and happier you.

Magnesium or a Craving?

Many people do not realize that our bodies crave what we lack; for example, many of us crave that glorious creamy and rich texture and taste of chocolate. Chocolate is known for these characteristics that leave us feeling satisfied and relaxed and a slight pep in our walk. Little do you know, chocolate in itself isn’t what we crave. What we are craving is magnesium.

Magnesium is a nutrient that many people, unfortunately, lack and experience many severe side effects. These side effects can cause massive fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, and convulsions. A lack of magnesium can A. cause separate health issues, and B. cause more complications for an already existing issue in the body. Magnesium is crucial to many body functions, such as your energy, appetite, blood pressure, sugar, nerve function, and muscle function. Our body does create magnesium; however, most magnesium that helps our body function is through foods with high levels of magnesium, explaining why many people crave a high intake of chocolate.

Chocolate, whole grains, nuts, avocado, and bananas have extremely high milligrams of magnesium, and it is clear which food many are most inclined to eat. It is important to recognize the further difficulty of reviving your body with magnesium when removing one of this food from our diet. Because many of us cannot eat pounds and pounds of chocolate or even other foods that contain magnesium, there is often severe malnutrition that can accrue in magnesium lacking bodies. In itself, malaria poses severe health issues like extreme weight loss, a foggy brain, and a lack of motivation and appetite. The best solution for eliminating this nutrient is through organic supplements or a consistently high magnesium food diet. Some of the best and yummy ways to get these supplements are,

A refreshing glass of water and lemon with a teaspoon of magnesium liquid. Magnesium liquid is salty, so be sure to add the perfect amount of lemon for you to enjoy.

A splash of magnesium in your lotion is a great way to get that nutrition in your body. The magnesium will absorb in your body and leave you to feel stronger and strong. You may also use liquid magnesium on the temples of your head to relieve headaches.

Epsom salt baths are high in magnesium and are extremely relaxing to the body.

A scoop of natural vitality magnesium powder right before bed. This powder is all-natural and leaves you revived with nutrients and in a state of calamity and relaxation from its high levels of magnesium.

A Bath for Healing

We may not think this everyday seasoning can boost our bodies’ health and revive us from pain and illness. However, think again because salt is one of the most beneficial substances that has ever walked the earth, especially in bath form. Epsom salt baths are among the most effective in healing arthritis pain, cuts, and bruises and removing toxins from the body such as viruses and parasites. Epsom salt baths should be used as a healing form as your body can only take so much of the salt intense work. What do I mean by this? Epsom salt is an effective way to get serious bacteria and toxins out of the body.

The most common use for Epsom salt baths is to flush toxins of heavy metal or parasites out of reverse osmosis, which literally pulls out these chemicals from your body. Because of this tiring process on your body, take a few weeks to sit in the bath for up to 20 minutes in either hot or cold water. You may notice the water changing color or the need to use the bathroom as the salt pull out toxins. Be careful not to overexert your body after a bath, and be sure to drink water to stay hydrated.

Your bath should only contain half a cup to two cups of Epsom salt, which is the perfect amount for the job to get done and not overwhelm your body with magnesium and high levels of nutrients your body may not be using. Epsom salt baths can also be used to heal bruising and swelling on the body’s internal and external parts while also serving an overall purpose for blood pressure, muscle, and nerve function.

A Bone in the Broth

Bone broth is perhaps my favorite healing food of all time. Bone broth is one of the most important aspects of healing one’s gut/stomach, and many medications take years to do what bone broth can do in only a few months. Many times our bodies lack a massive amount of minerals. This is why we crave salt or foods that contain a lot of minerals.

This can also explain why our bodies react so well to healing techniques like Epsom salt baths or a cold glass of magnesium water because these substances contain minerals. Like anyone will tell you with food, the most effective way to get food into the body is by ingestion because that is what the body absorbs the quickest with the fastest result time.

The liquid is what the body absorbs the quickest, and this is why broth is extremely effective. Many people benefit from the broth when they are in a state of a strict diet or difficulty eating; the broth contains an abundance of minerals and nutritional value that a body may not be able to intake at the time in the moment of their illness. Why is the broth so good for the body?

The bone tissue from animals is high in vitamin A, vitamin K2, minerals like zinc, iron, boron, manganese, and selenium, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Bone broth helps with strengthening our own bones, as well as serious conditions, call leaky gut. Bone broth is prevalent in many illnesses; however, the conic illness that impairs the bloodstream and gut to work as a team is perhaps what helps significantly. The severe illness known as leaky gut was stapled as a stomach issue in desperate need of the amino acid and the gelatin-like bone broth’s binding properties. Scientists have found that most personal health will rely heavily on how well an intestinal tract is functioning.

Bone broth ensures that functioning and healthy intestines stay that way and revive intestines that have become disconnected from the rest of the body. The gelatin binds together liquids/water in your body, allowing it to move food throughout one’s gut much easier. The amino acid in the bone broth is the key factor in this self-healing process; without the amino acid factor, the broth would lose its ability to heal, brain health, inflammation, and joint health. It is important to remember that bone broth is effective because of a pure animal bone, meaning most box broths do not contain the healing nutrient. The broth’s best form will come from a simple animal bone (chicken, beef, duck, etc. bone) in boiling water.

Honey Honey

Manuka Honey has been around for centuries and has similar healing powers to antibiotics for its antibacterial qualities. The honey can protect against bacteria and cure anything of severe open wounds, inflammation, and repair tissue damage in the body. There are several different forms of Manuka honey, each having slightly different purposes for healing.

Manuka honey is made by bees in Australia that pollinate a local bush called the Manuka bush. The honey’s extreme healing ability is due to many components but specifically what is called MG or methylglyoxal. Methylglyoxal, an anti-bacterial ingredient, can be much more potent in some forms of honey depending on the maker and pollination times; in short, the higher the MG, the stronger the anti bacterial effect is on the body.