With this new year comes an onslaught of home-chefs with dine-in seating closed and how-to tutorials in massive boom across the internet. While waiting for the world to return to normal, keep a pulse on these things with our delicious picks these 2021. Make Quarantine festive and food-filled today.

Entertain your family and quarantine buds this season and keep a pulse on what’s hot and tasty with this epic guide for some epicurean delights.

Spices and Hot Peppers

“Bland is banned” as the hosts of the famous show Hot Ones might say. With people raving about the Carolina Reaper and various hot sauces, spices are back in style.


Airfryer everything as one might say as a millenial on Tik Tok. With an air fryer you can make wings, asparagus, pizza, onion rings and other crunchy appetizers. Sales for these have nearly doubled since the beginning of Covid in home good stores.

DIY Kits

DIY make your own pizza kits have become a popular buy at big joints like Blaze Pizza and Pizza Press. These DIY kits are a big staple for wine nights with friends and family.

Plant-Based Foods

grilled tofu and dragon fruit buddha bowl top view

Plant-based is the way to go if you want simple, delicious, and planet-friendly. Popular staple dishes include Cauliflower crusts, Impossible meats that taste eerily similar to cow’s meat, and veggie and quinoa bowls from Daily Harvest.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Bon Vivant Virtual Cooking School, Niner Wine Estates, and Eataly are all offering virtual cooking classes.

Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta is very popular for stay-at-home pandemic fun. People are learning to cut and roll their own dough from scratch into fettuccine, rigatoni, and pappardelle shapes.

Boards of All Sorts

Grazing, Charcuterie, Sushi, and Candy boards are the biggest trend continuing from last year into this. Presentation makes food just a little bit more fun.

Hemp Happy Sorts of Goods

Hemp Goodies are simply one of the forward food pieces this 2021 ever since CBD has rooted itself in the market as a legal way to relax.

Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktails have been a fun-at-home drink activity since bars are no longer a go-to with the pandemic in place. Get the same joy of a drink bought at the bar with some fun canned cocktails at these places.