These days, many people are severely limited in the activities they can participate in amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Even when local laws don’t require strict quarantine, many people still choose to limit the time they spend in public places. For those who stay a lot of time at home, it’s common to feel boredom, irritation and most understandably, isolation. Online multiplayer games can provide a great outlet for those attempting to fight against that quarantine loneliness—guaranteeing your safety without compromising your social life. Here’s a list of affordable online multiplayer games that run on both MacOS and Windows and can be enjoyed by both gamers and non-gamers alike during quarantine, all of which are available on Steam for under $20:

Monster Prom

If you are looking for a light-hearted and easy game with spectacular art and clever writing, Monster Prom is a perfect choice.

While this game doesn’t require the most active participation, it provides ample opportunity for socialization and laughs. The gameplay consists of taking the role of a monster student in high school whose goal is to seduce one of your sexy monster classmates into going to prom with you. Of course, there will be impossible challenges and ridiculous scenarios along the way as you attempt to woo your love—not to mention, your friends have the chance of stealing your date right out of your claws!

With so many lovable characters and humorous plot-lines, this game offers many hours of fun with your friends as you attempt to unlock all the secret endings. The game franchise also features many expansion packs and a sequel to keep you occupied for a long time.

Available for both MacOS and Windows, you can buy it on Steam for $11.99.

Gameplay footage of Monster Prom opening

For the King

If you’ve had to put a pause on your in-person campaigns lately, you might enjoy For the King. While it is not a replacement for Dungeons and Dragons, it is a solid online substitute for those looking for adventure. For those unfamiliar with Dungeons and Dragons, this is still a relatively easy game to pick up and resembles a board game-style of play.

This strategic RPG game is great when you have long weekend hours to spare with your friends. In this game, you pick your class, and by order of the queen you travel the land, go on missions with your companions, fight monsters and complete quests as you work through the storyline. The game requires a lot of strategic planning and will interest those who like a challenge; it is quite easy to die in this game if you are not careful. However, the game’s difficulty is very flexible, so even beginners are able to play at a level that suits them best.

Available for both MacOS and Windows, you can buy it on Steam for $19.99.

Gameplay footage of For the King

Stardew Valley

This massively popular game blessed us all when it became multiplayer. If you’re searching for a game that will help you cope with the anxiety and stress of quarantine, look no further.

You play as a corporate worker who leaves a life in the city for a new start in a rural town. From there, you take over your grandfather’s old farm and build it from the ground up. As you begin to craft the life of your dreams, you can become a part of the local community in the town as well and befriend all the NPCs—and you can even get married! The game is extremely heart-warming, the music never fails to charm and the gameplay is bound to relax you. In addition to the single player mode, there is an option to start a farm with your friends and manage it together.

Everyone can find pure enjoyment in this game, but long-time Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon fans are especially sure to appreciate it.

Available for both MacOS and Windows, you can buy it on Steam for $14.99.

Gameplay footage of multi-player Stardew Valley


This 2D sandbox adventure game offers a lot more than the cute pixelated images suggest. You start out with very few materials, but with a little creativity and the persistence to grind, your friend group will easily spend hours building your little world and battling bosses.

There aren’t really many concrete objectives to this game, so it definitely is geared towards those who enjoy a lot of free exploration and the unlocking of charming game goodies. If you and your friends keep at it long enough, you will build your own empire together and experience the excitement of buffing your characters. The whole game is a bit of an addictive cycle, and the lack of a formal ending only perpetuates it.

The game is similar to Minecraft in many ways, so Terraria will feel familiar to longtime fans. However, Terraria is also completely accessible to those who have not played Minecraft, and it offers some interesting twists on Minecraft’s formula.

Available for both MacOS and Windows, you can buy it on Steam for $9.99.

 Gameplay footage of Terraria


A teamwork based game that feels way more competitive than it should, Overcooked is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. This is a game for those who want a fast-paced experience where they can aim for a high score.

You and your friends play as a team of chefs fulfilling a list of orders from customers. It sounds easy enough, until you realize how chaotic the kitchen can be. With many obstacles and obtrusive kitchen layouts preventing any one person from being the hero, precise communication is absolutely vital. Otherwise, you risk having to put out fires, throw food in the trash and leave orders uncompleted. The game can be extremely hectic and disorganized, which is a lot of the fun, but it is extremely rewarding when the team finally clicks.

Similar in some ways to Mario Party mini-games, Overcooked walks that perfect line between enjoyment and frustration—you’ll have a lot of chances to playfully banter with your friends and call them out for their mistakes. The game franchise has a sequel and plenty of DLC as well.

Available for Windows, you can buy it on Steam for $16.99.

You can also purchase Overcooked! 2, available for both Windows and MacOS, on Steam for $24.99.

Gameplay footage of Overcooked! 2

Get Playing!

You may not be able to see your friends and family in person as often as you’d like these days, but you can still maintain an active social life through online avenues. If you are looking for a way to socialize beyond the mundane Zoom call dates, multiplayer games with friends are a perfect choice. Keep in mind, Steam runs many sales throughout the year, so you might get lucky enough to get these games even cheaper!