In the world of fashion, you have your classic items that never become outdated, irrelevant, stale, uninteresting, etc. Some examples are leather jackets, suits, boots, bomber jackets and turtlenecks. However, there are the trendy pieces that come and go; popular for a stretch and then tucked away in the back of our minds afterwards. I want to talk about some fashion trends that will be back for 2021. These pieces are currently popular, and you shouldn’t expect them to die down heading into the new year.

1. Pendant Earrings.

This list is going to contain quite a bit of retro and nostalgic flavor. Things that weren’t donned in decades to the degree that they are now. Perhaps the most egregious is the pendant earring for men. This particular piece of jewelry was once a staple amongst men in the 1980s.

That was over 30 years ago.

New Jack Swing could be heard throughout the city and George Michael reigned supreme. Back then, when men wore earrings, this was usually their go to choice. Now of course, nothing completely goes out of style, and every now and then you will see a male figure with a pendant earring; but over the past year or so, it’s become commonplace. With everyone rocking it, from your best friend to musicians and athletes; I only see this trend gaining more steam throughout the new year.

2. Baggy Jeans.

This might be the most infuriating trend for me personally! I thought that we were past the days of wearing clothes that did not fit. I thought that we were more sensible with fashion nowadays. Now, I don’t want this to be misconstrued with loose fitting clothing that still drapes well over the body. No, I am talking about flat out big baggy jeans from the early 2000s. I can understand if one was recreating a retro look and had to tap back into that time period, but this is becoming a go to choice again! From rappers to the runway, baggy jeans are making a comeback.

3. Jeans with designs.

Continuing the jeans theme are denim with designs. Nooo, im not talking quite to the extent of Platinum Fubu, but nonetheless, designers are starting to break out the paint, patterns and different materials. Examples of this trend making a comeback are jeans with different colored patches sewn on, jeans with painted patterns and also illustrations. Even the teenage kids are taking a liking to this kind of style. They weren’t even old enough to understand what was going on when this trend last existed! Expect to see more of this look in the coming years.

4. Retro/Vintage clothing.

Vintage pieces have always hung around in some form of fashion (see what I did there?) throughout the years, but now I’m starting to feel as if it’s hitting its biggest stride in quite some time. Typically, one would wear a vintage t shirt, or maybe a jacket. Nowadays, I’m seeing entire outfits constructed from style trends in the 80s and 90s. I’m talking high waist loose jeans, saturated medium wash denim, black boots and even letterman jackets. Think Joey from friends. The nostalgia vibes are real and folks are letting it show. People aren’t just wearing an old shirt from their youthful days; they’re flat out recreating those outfits. Vintage is what’s in right now, so expect to see a lot more of it in 2021.

5. Retro/Vintage accessories.

If you want to go ahead and throw pendant earrings in this group then feel free. But there are other accessories that I want to cover. Someway. Somehow. Fanny packs are still a thing! And unlike chunky shoes, which seem to be on their way out, the fanny pack looks like it’s thriving. Tons of people, from teens to celebs alike are still rocking the fanny pack with pride. Maybe it’s the fact that it truly is a convenient accessory, and so users are starting to realize that, thus causing them to hold on it it. Fanny packs aren’t the only retro accessory going strong. Skinny glasses and colored lenses are making a comeback. Frameless glasses with saturated yellow lenses seem to be chief among them. Pants with chain links hanging from the pocket are back in style. Even the oversized granny sunglasses have re-emerged. Now I see what is meant by you can’t escape your past.

6. Chunky sneakers.

Chunky sneakers have been popular for a few years now. When they first emerged back onto the scene, everyone owned a pair. Middle aged men and grandfathers must have rejoiced at the sight of their beloved “dad shoes.” No form of outfit was left out when it came to chunky sneakers. Suits, dresses, athletic wear and of course, a t-shirt and jeans. Celebrities were designing their own chunky sneaker. FILA saw a massive resurgence on the fashion scene. Everyone, wore, chunky sneakers. The craze has slowed down since, and I am spotting less and less of the puffy shoe, but enough people are still wearing them for it to be a thing. Maybe the trend is on its last breath. I do expect it to continue into the new year; but I also believe that 2021 will be the last year of the chunky sneaker. 

For now at least.

7. Loose fitting suits.

I wouldn’t really consider this one to fit into the retro mold. I more so think that it is a reflection of the direction that suiting is going in. Suits aren’t the super formal or strictly business outfit that they once were. Stylists are finding more and more ways to utilize the suit, thus making it more casual friendly. I think that this look is pushing suiting to its casual limit. The bottoms are very relaxed, with some even resembling bell bottoms. The jacket is long and baggy. Sometimes it’s pair with chunky sneakers and a t-shirt. It’s a complete 180 from how suits used to be worn. With style limits being put to the test, I can see this look hanging around for quite some time.

8. Suiting with no shirt.

Hammering home the fact that suits are  becoming more and more casual; I present to you, perhaps the most extreme way to wear a suit. Ditch the shirt! Seen on both the runway and professional athletes; men and women alike have dared to show a little more skin when wearing their favorite suits. The look projects summer night vibes. It screams sexy, while also keeping things a bit muted. It does just enough to break necks, but once you actually take a good look at it, it doesn’t seem that outlandish. Or maybe that’s just me. Now, this isn’t necessarily a look that a lot of people attempt; mainly because of how risqué it may seem. But with the current state of wearing a suit, it’s bound to become more commonplace as time rolls on.


And that will do it. Fashion trends that will be back for 2021. Fashion will forever rinse and repeat. New styles will become old and old styles will become new. If you can master the classics, while incorporating bits and pieces from what’s trending in your wardrobe, then you’ll easily be one of the most stylish folk around.

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