Ladies, whip out the epilator—discard yourselves of that frustrating body hair holding you back from your most beautiful beach body yet. Summer is here, and the beach is calling your name with a reserved warm, sandy spot. We have  all the intimate details on the perks of epilating to get you to ditch that medieval razor. Say hello to hair removal made easy. Goodbye razor cuts, you will not be missed. Adieu, uncomfortable needle-like prickly hair, can’t say you were ever well liked.

What is Epilating? How Does it Work?

Most of us are social distancing experts by now, and confidently planning safe summer vacations and trips, for a good time. Before you head out that door, let’s explore epilating behind closed doors.

First, if you’ve never heard of epilating, know that it is an option available to you for hair removal. Epilation is achieved by using an epilator: a small electrical device, about the size of your palm, that removes several hairs at once by the act of pulling them out. This is managed by the epilator’s design construct which features a rotating head of built in tweezers. The ‘tweezers‘ are small metal discs or plates that mimic the effect of actual tweezers. When the epilator is turned on, it instantly gears into rapid rotating velocity. So, do not be frightened by the sudden noise produced by the rotation.

Holding the epilator in your hand, at a laid slanted stance or 90 degree angle, you will then guide it on the designated area of hair you wish to start working on. The epilator needs to be lightly leaned on your skin as you work it on a path in the direction of the hair growth.  Do not force or firmly press the epilator against your skin—that will not generate good results. You never want to glide the epilator in the opposite direction of where the hair is growing; that will simply cut the hair instead of plucking it from the root, which is the goal.

The epilator is a straightforward and simple little inexpensive tool that removes hair from the root, and that is what makes it great for the modern day woman.

Your Turn! Getting Ready to Epilate

Wait a minute—you can’t epilate without an epilator. Don’t have one yet? Not to worry. Luckily, they are economically accessible. There are several on the market ranging from around $25–$100. The lesser priced ones are reliable and suitable for curious beginners and will last years. Explore your purchase options. Aside from price, other things to consider are wireless or corded epilators, handle shape, color, etc. 

Prepping for epilation is not complicated. The following are things to consider for best results:

  • Epilate after showering—this will remove dead skin cells when you exfoliate and skin will be tender for the plucking
  • Most epilators usually have two speed settings—a low for finer hair and high for coarser hair. Also, some areas might be more sensitive than others. Use appropriately, judging by hair type and area. 
  • After epilating, moisturize the skin with your preferred lotion, oil, or aloe to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs
  • Some prefer epilating in the evening or night, to allow any redness that might occur time to decrease

Before we forget, now might be a good time to mention it will probably hurt, a little bit. Depending on your pain tolerance, the discomfort might vary. However, don’t let that scare you away, the first time is typically, as can be expected, the one time you will feel it bother you the most. After that, the process becomes more familiar as the pain lessens.

Behold, the Benefits of Hair Removal by Epilation

Why epilate? The answer is S.S.S.S.S: simple, smooth, sexy skin at a steal. 

  • The small device is easily portable for on-the-go occasions
  • Plus, it’s a one time investment that will last years while allowing you control of your hair removal
  • No shaving, means no razor cuts
  • No prickly cactus-hair from shaving
  • Fast, reliable, low-maintenance, and cost-efficient
  • Less messy than waxing or shaving—practically, mess-free
  • smoother skin
  • With epilating, hair can even possibly regrow at slower rates and come back looking finer and softer—big bonus
  • Epilation picks up hair from the root, so results can last up to 4 weeks
  • An epilator can grip even the shortest of hairs

There are several YouTube videos regarding epilation, for your consideration. You might also be interested in checking out reviews for different types of epilators. 

Lastly, it’s been a rough time for everyone—that doesn’t mean it has to be for your skin. Just picture it: you, a piña colada in hand, a cool beach breeze caressing your body, looking like a beach goddess in your stylish swimsuit, all under the glistening warm glow of the sun. And not one single hair to obstruct you of attaining this fantasy. Manifest. Epilate.