A career as an actor can be both challenging and rewarding! Surviving on a show and pursuing other projects is definitely a common ground that all actors have in common. Trying to achieve the dream in a cut throat field and making it work, that is something everyone recognizes and relates to. Actor David Rel Rio of The Baker and the Beauty is here to tell us about his success and what exactly is on his agenda. Along with telling his ideas of a possible season two of Baker, he also tells us other projects he has had in the making. Now David will finally discuss what has been exactly going and where his path has taken him.

Q: How did you come across auditioning for Baker and the Beauty?

A: I was in the same place as every actor in Los Angeles, auditioning for pilots. I actually came in for Daniel, at first. Sara Isaacson, really great and collaborative casting director and fellow musical theatre nerd, saw that Mateo would be a better fit for me. She told me to come back straight to producers for the role of Mateo, which was exciting.

Q: After auditioning, how soon did you find out you landed the role of Mateo?

A: My manager and friend, Jeff Morrone, called me a couple days later and said that they weren’t moving forward with me. This was (and still is) something that I’m used to hearing so it was just another day for an actor in Los Angeles. About a month and half passed and he called me once again saying “They can’t find anyone for Mateo, they want you to come back.” Met the brilliant David Frankel and got on to book the part. Goes to show there is no right way to book a part. Just right time, right place, right role. 

Q: What was filming like? How did you and the cast get along and into the role of a close knit family?

A: It was SUPER QUICK that we got along and became a family. After the initial table read, we had a meeting with David Frankel, Dean Georgaris, Becky Hartman Edwards and the rest of the cast and started talking about if this show were to get picked up, where would we like to see our characters end up by the end of the season. Listening to everyone, you really got to know their sensitivities and taste as artists and their history as people of Hispanic heritage. After that meeting, which almost felt like a therapy session, we were close.

Eating out constantly, inviting each other to shopping sprees and going to gorgeous historic landmarks in Puerto Rico. The show is about family, so the crew became our family. We would screw around and play music between takes and celebrate life. It was magical. To see the Netflix audience responding to our family is all because of how close we actually are. 

Q: Out of all the episodes, what would you say is your favorite episode of Mateo?

A: Any episode that we had the whole family around the table. Like in real life, we were a family cracking up. It was hard to get a take in, because we’d be laughing hysterically. It was hard to control, but that was the beauty of it. 

Q: Since the show is now streaming on Netflix, and petitioning for Season 2, what would you like to see your character do? Especially if the petition is a success?

A: If the petition is a success, then I think we owe the audience a lot of answers. I’d like to see Mateo thrive in his songwriting/music producing career. I can see be more of a behind the scenes music producer, writing for other artists, maybe fall in love with an artist he’s producing for and get Vanessa a bit jealous. I’d love to see Mateo have more scenes with Lewis, maybe Lewis would represent him? There’s a lot potential for some serious comedy there. And of course, you know, the Mateo/Vanessa… I’d leave that up to the writers cause I’d like to be surprised as well! 

Q: In other news, what have you been up to recently?

A: Well, a Netflix film I was in called California Christmas is shooting its sequel sometime in the summer. Don’t know when now, but looking forward to revisiting the character of Manny. He was really fun to play and I’m so proud of the cast and crew behind the film. Looking forward to playing with them again.

Q: Anytime we should be on the lookout for?

A: A feature film I produced called The Big Feed, starring Ivana Rojas, Manolo Vergara, and my wife Katherine Del Rio is almost done with post-production, so be on the lookout! 

Q: Tell us something that audiences may not know about you!

A: I guess my favorite snack is ANY chips with ANY dip or ANY salsa. If I had that as my three meals a day, I’d die happy. 

Q: Last question, what has your journey in the entertainment industry taught you?

A: Well, rejection is definitely part of the business and not something that just happens to YOU and you only. If you become selfish enough to think it only happens to you, then you quit and that would be the biggest failure of all. To quit. It’s very easy to be insecure in this business.

So I’ve really allowed myself to be proud of the things I’ve accomplished, know that I’ve been hired for a reason, and working on NOT trying to convince people that they made a huge mistake hiring me! Gotta keep doing the job the best you can and never stop bringing your ideas to the table. You know, this is a business and if you put in the work and continue to commit to the truth of the character, you’ll be alright.  

Mr. Del Rio is the actor we all can relate to! Having a show that is hoping to comeback and making his dream into a lifelong career. Now that is being driven! David is onto something and will certainly not stop. In the meantime you can binge The Baker and the Beauty on Netflix! As David has mentioned if you continue to contribute, you will be okay!