Destin Conrad, is making a name for himself in the world of R&B. Destin slid onto the scene with such style and talent. His smooth vocals bring a fresh sound to today’s R&B and soul music. The passion in his voice gives his music a sense of authenticity. His debut EP, Colorway, reveals his impeccable pen game! The lyrical content of this project sets a mature tone for Destin’s music.   

Colorway– A Destin Conrad Classic

Colorway, was released last month, on March 5th. There are 9 tracks total, 3 of which are short interludes that add individuality to the project. Two of the interludes are short monologues from Destin’s friends. And the last one called “vodka?!”, is casual dialogue between Destin and his friends as they are sharing some drinks at a celebration. “Destin, where is your cup?! What are you doing?!”

Given that Destin is heavily influenced by artists such as Brandy and Erykah Badu, his music is nothing short of that real R&B vibe. He describes Colorway as free, emotional and bold. Certainly, there is a rawness in Destin’s lyrics and melodies that brings nostalgia to his depiction of love. Instead of preaching about how his experiences are the epitome of love, he shares with modesty and truth. Seriously though, is it too early to call this a classic?  

The album opens up with Destin’s silky smooth vocals on “In The Air”. Surely, this song best represents Destin’s soulful musical style and Colorway’s overall theme. The lyrics focus on dealing with uncertainty of a romantic interest. “I don’t wanna see you no more/ ‘Cause every time I see you/ it’s a different excuse why you can’t be here…/ Everything’s probably nothing/ Evеrything’s in the air, everything’s in thе air”.

In The Studio With Friends

Collaborating with friends makes for exciting studio time. Additionally, it frees the creative process from any pressure to be perfect. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Destin explained that his close friends, such as Kehlani and Ambré, inspire him to recognize his own musical potential. 

“I’ve just stepped into it. And I feel like a big part of that is having such amazing friends..that push me and encourage me to write and tell me that… I can”. Destin has been able to step into his shoes as a songwriter. And I say with much confidence, that those shoes fit well! 

The producers and songwriters who worked on Colorway are Mars Today, Blake Straus, Danny McKinnon, Dan Foster, Louie Lastic, Ambré, Los Hendrix, Jean Deaux, SwaVay and Kehlani.


In “Bill$”, Destin sings about being involved with someone who is playing games with his time and emotions. On the other hand, it’s also a mood-boosting, self-worth acknowledging song. “Felt like you was ’bout me, you know I’m elated/ How you worried ’bout me? You don’t call me “baby”/ Wasn’t f—— with me, now you on me lately/ This that shit that I be talking ’bout”. The chorus is a smooth repetition of what Destin refocuses on and puts his energy towards getting: “Dollar bills, dollar, dollar bills/Dollar bills, dollar, dollar bills”. 

These clever lyrics over the rich-sounding piano and percussion make for the perfect feel-good song to blast on a late night drive. Without a doubt, you’ll feel successful just listening to this song!

Destin’s Pen Is Impressive

Although he is new to the game, Destin Conrad is no amateur songwriter. He has songwriting credits on Kehlani’s recent album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. “Water”, “Everybody Business”, “Grieving” ft. James Blake and “Open (Passionate)” are all co-written by Conrad. The lyrics and subject of these four songs and those on Colorway, display his impeccable talent and maturity.


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Destin Conrad Is Here To Stay

Despite his young age, Destin Conrad is definitely making his way to the R&B big leagues. Imagine where he’ll be in 5 years from now! Certainly, Destin will be at the top of charts, all over the radio and winning Grammys. I am looking forward to his next project. Meanwhile, Colorway is on repeat!


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