Featured in almost every capsule wardrobe guide, denim has made it’s mark as being one of clothings most timeless fabrics. It continues to dominate the fashion industry with staple items such as jean pants and jackets, but has been proven by some to not be limited to that.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Who remembers 2001 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the American Music Awards?

Okay so maybe we don’t all go to that extreme. But we do all have that one denim item in our closet that allows us to feel our best every time we put it on. And now it’s time to make the most of that item.

Denim Making Its Mark

A pivotal point for denim was the 1980’s. This is when fashion designers began incorporating it into their collections, Calvin Klein being one of the first and still one of the best. And while the 80’s focused more on the skinny fit denim, the 90’s went in the complete opposite direction. Baggy jeans, dungarees, boot cut, and oversized denim jackets created a new era for the denim fabric.

Fast forward to the 2000’s when people began to customize their denim. This became a hot trend because it allowed people to really get creative in expressing themselves and their voice through clothing.

Jumping ahead to 2020 we are witnessing the return of every denim style, cut and wash that you can imagine. And frankly, it seems like these styles will all be here to stay.

Let’s Talk Style

Season after season and year after year you can continue to wear your favorite pair of jeans. Even if they begin to fade or rip, they’re durability and versatility allow them to stay in your wardrobe rotation. Figure flattering skinnies, comfortable baggy jeans, ripped denim [to the point that your parents asked you what fabric you actually paid for], and so on- you name it, it’s been worn.

So now it’s your turn to build your denim styled wardrobe. Lucky for everyone, denim is versatile and you won’t need many pieces to get creative. However, if you do want to take a skip down the denim brick road like Britney and Justin, theres plenty of denim to go around for that too.

It’s Time  For A Styling Makeover

We’re all a bit guilty of pairing our denim with the same items wear after wear. And who can blame you right? We are creatures of habit. And when it comes to clothing, if we get into the groove of something that works, it’s challenging to break away from it. But it’s time that we put a stop to these revolving door looks. Say goodbye to that styling rut and hello to new looks!

Beginning with the snug fitted skinny jeans. Complimenting almost every figure, these have been a wardrobe staple for every woman since the start. They’re mostly available in dark blue wash and black which create a slimming effect while still highlighting your curves.

Check out some styling looks below!

Whether it be a relaxed weekend or a day drink with some friends, loose fitted [boyfriend] jeans are the way to go. These are great for an ultra-laid back look but also for dressing up. However, the extra fabric that comes with these jeans can sometimes be overwhelming if not styled right.

Some tips when wearing:

  • Cuff them at the ankle to show some skin
  • Add in a belt to accentuate your waistline and give your body some shape

The deliberately distressed denim is a style that has been attempted by many. You can have just a slit in the knees or excessive holes in the thighs. Some are even going as far as putting rips below butts now. But how do you make a messy, undone look appear well… done?

Balance is everything here. Pay attention to the pants and then work your way up. If your denim has more holes than it does fabric, you want to make sure to polish up the look with pieces that offer coverage on top.

Here is some style inspiration below


If You’re Interested In More Than Just Pants

Denim doesn’t stop at bottoms. It comes in all sorts of fashion items. Below are some denim inspired looks using additional items as the denim focus.

Denim shorts

Fitted denim jacket

Oversized denim jacket

Denim accessories


Remember To Dress To Your Body Type

Just like denim, we [as women] come in an array of shapes and sizes. All being beautiful and all being able to style ourselves to be our most confident self. This here is a reminder of just that.

Remember that your body shape is unique and so is the one in the inspiration photo that you’re trying to replicate. So when trying to find a style that suits you best make sure to pay attention to YOUR body shape as a guide.

If you need guidance on how to find out what exactly your body shape is, click here.