Just in time for the holiday season, Netflix’s new series Dash & Lily is what we all need right about now. The romantic comedy takes us to pre COVID-19 New York. You know, when it was perfectly normal to play a scavenger hunt with a total stranger and not at all care about germs. From basking in the magical decor all around NYC to exploring some hidden gems, this is a binge-worthy series you won’t regret.

What Is Dash & Lily About?

Dash & Lily is based on the YA book series by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. It follows – you guessed it – Dash and Lily who have never met but form a friendship through a little red notebook. The teens who have opposite views on all things Christmas discover in each other a different view of the world around them.

Everything starts when Lily’s parents decide to skip on their Christmas traditions and instead take a vacation to Fiji. This leaves Lily alone with her older brother, Langston, who gives her the idea of creating a book of dares and leaving it in a bookshop for someone to find. In comes cynical, charming Dash that’s finds it immediately and begins to respond back.

The two pass the notebook back and forth through key locations, and thanks to the help of friends. Every dare has the pair trying new things, leaving them to learn about each other and themselves along the way.

Who Stars In Dash & Lily?

New faces and seasoned actors make up the cast of Dash & Lily in one of Netflix’s funniest ensembles to date. From our two leading actors Austin Abrams and Midori Francis to a Nick Jonas cameo, let’s break down who’s who!

Austin Abrams, who plays Dash, is best known for his role as Ron Anderson in The Walking Dead and has most recently appeared on Euphoria and This Is Us. While Abrams has his fair share of villainous characters under his belt, his portrayal of Dash definitely has us all swooning.

As for Dash’s ultimate pen pal, Lily, Midori Francis portrays the bubbly character. Fans may recognize Francis from Ocean’s 8 or on shows like Gotham and Younger. Safe to say that Dash & Lily will open the path to bigger roles for the young actress and we can’t wait to see more of her!

Dash & Lily also features Dante Brown, Troy Iwata, acclaimed actor James Saito, and Jodi Long in recurring roles. Nick Jonas, who is also a producer on the show, had a pretty funny cameo. Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas also pop in for a festive appearance as well, so get excited!

Dash & Lily Is More Than Just A Romcom

Sure, Dash & Lily is cheesy and not really that realistic, but it’s all about the journey! At first Lily appears to be that overly happy person you wanna throw tinsel at. As for Dash he looks pretty darn happy being all alone. Yet neither of them is actually happy, they’re lonely.

Dash has isolated himself because he’s gone through a bad breakup and saw his parents’ marriage go down the drain. You can’t really blame someone from not being in the Yuletide spirit when they’ve experienced their fair share of unmagical moments. It’s thanks to Lily that he sees beyond the colorful lights and carolers. That he finds there are moments that turn out to be perfect in the midst of a chaotic world.

While Dash finds his happy moments, Lily overcomes her own fear of not being liked. For someone who is always optimistic and friendly, her quirkiness has left her isolated. Through Dash’s dares, Lily finds it in herself to welcome change and experience life as it should be. It might not always be filled with glittering lights, but the best moments don’t always happen under a mistletoe.

Aside from the typical romcom hijinks that ensue, audiences will experience deep character development and the individual journey of finding what’s important in life.

The World Of Dash & Lily Is Populated With Color

While you watch all the adventures Dash and Lily get up to, the series also features a diverse supporting cast. And it is absolutely the best part!

Dash’s friend, Boomer, steals the show with his sense of humor, loyalty, and enthusiasm. When Lily discovers Dash’s attempt at finding out who she is, Boomer sticks by her side and keeps her secret until the end. Hands down Boomer will remind you of that friend that says it like it is because they love you.

Lily also has one of the most iconic characters (and a personal fav) as her great-aunt, Mrs. Basil E. The woman has toured with The Rolling Stones and lives her life with no regrets. Her fashion sense is beyond impeccable, so you’re in for a refreshing take on a fairy-godmother.

Then there’s Langston, Lily’s brother, who has the sweetest romance with boyfriend Benny in the sub-plot of the series. Their relationship needs a spin-off or at least more on-screen time if there’s a second season! If it weren’t already hard trying to choose one character as our favorite, Langston makes it beyond difficult with his caring personality.

Dash & Lily Is A Modern Fairytale

In a year that has been insanely difficult, Dash & Lily gives the audience a modern fairytale, where magic can be found in other people even if they’re not physically connected. The journey of falling in love and finding hope in every moment makes this the perfect show to watch this holiday season!