Two former reality stars, Danielle Busby and Ryan Sutter, each shared some heartbreaking news with the public recently: both are suffering from illnesses with no clear diagnoses. Unfortunately, their illnesses are part of a growing trend in the United States. According to the Mayo Clinic, “As many as 25 million Americans – about 1 in 13 people – suffer from a rare, undiagnosed condition.” CELEB has the details regarding Busby and Sutter’s frightening and mysterious health issues.

Who is Danielle Busby?

Danielle Busby is the star of TLC’s reality show OutDaughtered, which has been on the air for 7 seasons. Danielle and her husband, Adam, conceived their daughter Blayke with the help of fertility treatments. Danielle struggled again with infertility after Blayke and began treatments in an attempt to conceive and give Blayke a little brother or sister. To the Busby’s shock, Danielle became pregnant with girl quintuplets. Delivered at 28 weeks, the infants were premature but healthy. Viewers instantly fell in love with the five tiny babies: Parker Kate, Riley Paige, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, and Olivia Marie. As the show progressed, so did its popularity. Danielle and Adam navigated the challenges of raising a toddler and 5 infants with humor, humility, and grace. The Texas couple found strength in their Christian faith and tight-knit family.

Danielle Busby’s Illness

In the past, OutDaughtered documented the Busby family’s health issues, including Hazel’s congenital nystagmus (an eye condition) and Adam’s battle with depression. The very fit Danielle was always the picture of health throughout the series and amazingly energetic for a mother of 6 young children. Fans were shocked and saddened to learn (through Instagram posts) that Danielle is not well and doctors don’t know exactly why. In November Adam wrote that Danielle was having “alarming” sensations in her arms and legs and was rushed to the ER. Last week Adam updated fans by posting a picture of Danielle wearing a mask in a hospital bed and wrote, “Today is the day of @dbusby’s most invasive test so far. Praying it leads to answers and a clear direction for the doctors. This is all we are comfortable with sharing at the moment. Please respect that in this current time of uncertainty and refrain from speculation. Just asking for prayers. We will definitely share updates as Danielle is comfortable.” Two days later Adam posted again, “Another day, another dr.” Danielle also posted a picture of herself at the doctor’s office and thanked her fans for all of their prayers. Busby related to fans that although she was relieved to discover that she wouldn’t need surgery, her health crisis isn’t over as doctors don’t yet know what’s wrong. Like Adam, Danielle told fans she didn’t want to share too many details: “Please understand, I am in the window of uncertainty and I only feel comfortable sharing as much as this. I will continue to share as more things start to unfold.”

Who Is Ryan Sutter?

Ryan Sutter appeared on the very first season of ABC’s The Bachelorette and won the heart of Trista Rehn. Sutter briefly played for the NFL after college and was working as a firefighter in Colorado when he appeared on show. Trista was a physical therapist and dancer for the Miami Heat basketball team. After becoming engaged on The Bachelorette, the couple got married in 2003 on live television in a special on ABC entitled Trista and Ryan’s Wedding. The couple currently lives in Colorado with their two children, Maxwell, 13, and Blakesley, 11.

Ryan Sutter’s Illness

Over the past several months, Ryan has opened up to the public about his difficult health struggles. On Instagram in December, Ryan gave a detailed account of his ailments and when they began. He wrote that in February, he began to re-train to get back into firefighting when he developed flu-like symptoms. Thinking his illness could be COVID, Sutter was tested multiple times but each test came back negative. He told his followers, “I am experiencing a battery of symptoms which include:  fatigue – sometimes almost paralyzing, deep body and muscle aches, fevers, night sweats, full body itching with no rash, headaches, neck and throat swelling, congestion, light headedness, nausea, and just general all around not feeling good.  I have had several blood tests and a CT scan.  I have a high ANA Titer and low WBC but nothing else has proven anything conclusive.” Sutter also stated that he was blown away by how many of his followers shared similar stories and how much he appreciated their kindness and well-wishes. Sutter wrote, “The outpouring of support I have received has been humbling and therapeutic. I could not be more grateful. I can not imagine the healing power that amount of love and caring would have on the world should we all choose to apply it? Maybe let’s find out…” Trista has also been posting about Ryan’s condition and revealed that the doctors have ruled out cancer. She also told her Instagram followers that while both she and Ryan feel so blessed to have two healthy children, a home, and health insurance, the couple is “struggling” at times.

CELEB wishes both Danielle and Ryan well and we hope that they will soon get answers and healing for their medical conditions.