Everyone has a sweet tooth or that one dessert you can’t stop craving or thinking about. Some like creative treats and some like simple treats. One company has that mission to fill that sweet tooth treat. A cookie company that started by low expectations a few years ago has quickly become the phenomenon that everyone is talking about and begging for. That company would have to be Crumble’s Cookies.

Over the past few years, Crumble’s Cookies has been the most uprising bakery in the cookie business. With over a hundred flavors expanding to various locations across the country and still expanding, it is not wonder that this is the latest craze that is sweeping the nation. In the meantime let us all take a look back to see how it all started.

Where It All Started

Back in 2017 in Logan, Utah, two cousins decided to take their passion of baking and turn it into a small business. Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan both had a dream of creating the perfect cookie. When they first tried to create their dream cookie, they didn’t exactly have the expectations they wanted. Though their first try was not the success, they decided to try something different and unique. McGowan and Hemsley were determined to create the perfect cookie that they had dreamed up. With a familiar eye in the software department, McGowan had come to a decision of what could be a success into creating different cookies. The cousins would go on to visit various gas stations and grocery stores asking customers what cookies were the best. Therefore brainstorming for what they hoped for and wanted to create the best chocolate chip cookie. Afterwards they eventually did come up with their perfect cookie recipe. It might have taken longer than expected but it was worth it. Along with creating their perfect chocolate chip recipe, they also as well as created another cookie. That second cookie would be sugar cookie with strawberry icing. Since they opened those two cookies have been their staple on the menu. 

Now that these cousins had their signature, what would their future be for Crumbls? Let alone the idea of how popular this cookie company would become in the short period. Well they certainly didn’t have a problem with either popularity or sale in what was to come.

Popularity on The Horizon

After making it’s debut in Logan, Utah, Crumbl Cookies started to become a popular phenomenon. Since 2017, Crumbl’s has opened over seventy five to over one hundred locations across the United States. The popular cookie company can be found in states such as Utah, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Florida, Montana, and Tennessee.

For the foreseeable future, Crumbl Cookies has a plan to expand to all 50 states. Aside from opening in all the states, they hope open as many locations as possible according to sources since business has been booming.

With locations popping up in states left to right, what else contributes to the popularity of Crumbls? That would be the cookies itself. Aside from the their main two cookies, the company has approximately over 120 cookie flavors. While they keep classic chocolate chip and sugar strawberry, Crumbl Cookies has made it known to customers of how they experimented in the flavor department. Some of the cookies have consisted of ingredients that people wouldn’t really consist of or even think to put in a cookie. In fact some of their cookie flavors are inspired by popular dessert treats. Those include outside of the originals Molten Lava, Cookie’s N Cream, Carrot Cake, Hot Chocolate ,etc. This company has certainly taken risks in the flavor department and now has set the bar high for cookies all around.

Impact on Customers and Influence on Social Media

With social media, no wonder Crumbl Cookies has become so popular over the years. As images of the creative cookies have surfaced the internet, more customers have ordered and begged for more locations. As their popularity has soared, Crumbl has created various ways to gain attention. Mostly on Instagram that they showcase their love for customers and cookies.

Every Sunday they release a new menu of either three to five new recipes. Along with new flavors they also keep one of the original cookies on the menu as well. While they release their weekly menu, they have a contest to see who will receive a free box of cookies. Not only that but every tag Tuesday to share photos of those who been to Crumbl. With photo share and hashtags it is no wonder Crumbl Cookies has become the phenomenon that it is.

Where to Follow Crumbl Cookies

For those wanting to follow or learn more about Crumbl Cookies here is where to go.

Instagram: @crumblcookies

Facebook: www.crumblcookies.com

Website: www.crumblcookies.com