Criminal Minds is in talks for a revival for Paramount+.  The former CBS crime drama is set to be one of the big shows to boost the newly launched streaming service. Looks like being an internet sensation pays off.

The Case

The original series followed a team of criminal profilers working for the FBI. Under the Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.), the team uses their individual expertise to profile and investigates the most extreme crimes. Throughout its 15-year run, they went through individual struggles that they persevered together. The series ended on February 19, 2020, right before the pandemic took over the globe.

Netflix & Murder

With the world put on pause, a lot of people found themselves stuck at home. Throughout this time, streaming platforms were everyone’s remedy. Criminal Minds was one of those shows that kept people sane. Since its end, the first 12 seasons found their way over to Netflix, with the remaining three on Hulu. Cinemablend recently ranked the show in front of the newest hit, Bridgerton, with 984 million minutes streamed. People loved this team that they went from trending on Netflix to trending on the “For You Page”.

TikTok Trending

The show has since gained a heavy amount of popularity on the social media platform, TikTok. There have been countless amounts of fan videos and accounts dedicated to the crime show. Altogether they gathered up to over 1.5 billion views. It wasn’t long until former cast members got wind of the sensation.

Buss this Case Wide Open

The first to speak out was Kirsten Vangsness, who played hacker extraordinaire, Penelope Garcia. She let fans know via her Twitter account, “We already know😊.” She later joined the app along with former castmates, Thomas Gibson and Mandy Patinkin. Thanks to Gibson’s son, who was already on the platform, he created his official account to answer show questions. Patinkin utilized his account to encourage young fans to vote in the recent 2020 elections. Fans went from excited to D.O.A. when the object of most TikTok fangirls’ obsession acknowledged their existence.

“This is Calm, and it’s Doctor.”

Most TikTok fan videos would be dedicated to the nerdy boy next door, Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).  Who can blame them? He’s the youngest member in the show, has a nice guy appeal, and he’s sometimes part of Taylor Swift’s squad. Gubler finally commented on the TikTok fanbase last year on a Halloween-themed episode of The Talk. “So, I’m very appreciative to know that it’s still bringing people entertainment and it kind of makes me feel like an immortal vampire,” he said. He even teased that he lurks around the app under an assumed account dedicated to his former co-star, Shemar Moore. It’s always great to find out that a bit of Dr. Reid still resides in this quirky actor. Could the fans see him return in some form?

Current Mission

It’s not a coincidence that the recent impact of this show had something to do with its immediate revival. EVP Development and programming, Julie McNamara, mentioned to Deadline that Paramount+ will appeal to the “culture’s evergrowing obsession” with crime dramas. The news outlet also reported that a creative team is forming with original executive producer/showrunner, Erica Messer, set to return. It’s not yet confirmed if any of the former cast will return. But most have been in talks to reprise their roles.

The Old and The New

Another developing move is that the new series will track only one case for an entire season. Much like how 24 dealt with one mission per season. With a huge case, comes a huge team. TVLine reported that if all talks run smoothly, there could be a mix of original and new characters. But that’s not the only Criminal Minds show Paramount is looking to have some of the OGs participate in.

Based on True Events

Along with the potential return comes a spin-off that may survive this time around. The tentatively titled The Real Criminal Minds, will be a docuseries that’ll feature a real former FBI profiler. Deadline has heard that the show is also looking to have a prominent Criminal Minds cast member to host. The strongest candidates could be Joe Mantegna, who played Agent David Rossi, or even the return of Thomas Gibson. The love for the series is alive and well. However, to get to the new beginnings, the series must resolve some loose ends.

How it Ended

As said prior, the world was learning about a potential pandemic just as the series ended. The final episode had the current team, led by Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), having a party at Rossi’s place. This was all to celebrate Garcia’s departure from the B.A.U. It ends with Garcia turning off her computers and office lights. The team says their final goodbyes to Garcia as they leave together in the elevator.

Unanswered Questions

Many fans felt the ending and the last season were underwhelming and left a lot of open-ended questions. One of which is if Reid’s relationship with Max (Rachael Leigh Cook) was still a thing. Another is if everything between JJ and Reid’s relationship was really squared away after her bombshell confession. Lastly, when did the unsub, Lynch (aka “The Chameleon”), learn to fly a plane? Hopefully, this revival would be able to at least answer some of these questions.

Unsub…ject to change?

Though plans for the return are still in their infancy stage, dedicated and new fans are ecstatic. The series has suddenly grown thanks to fandoms sprouting from other streaming services and mobile apps. It won’t be long until it’s reported if the original cast will have their “wheels up in 30”.