Fierce lyrics, check. Strong ballad, check. Sick new music video, oh, but of course! New artist CLO just put out a major bop for 2020.  While this year has been filled with uncertainty due to the pandemic, CLO’s new music is a definite jam to blast to forget about what is going on in the real world. Her hit single, “Blackout” was released just a few weeks ago and is already climbing the charts landing a spot on Billboard’s Top 40 in early October. It’s a song about “empowerment through loss,” says CLO, Adding that the lyrics tell the story about “being a badass” and that she hopes it inspires young women to be okay with being strong and independent. And trust us, this song (and music video!) gives off major girl anthem vibes. So much so that we jumped on the opportunity to interview this new artist because we definitely think she has the “it” ingredients for producing songs we don’t want to get out of our heads. From how she got started to how she describes her unique “badass” sound, here’s the scoop about this budding artist, as well as, the deets behind her new hit single and killer music video. 

CLO Started at an Early Age

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Celeb Magazine sat down with the 20-year-old musician to talk about her new single as well as her as an artist. CLO, who is originally from the Bay Area, moved to Los Angeles at just 18 to pursue her passion for music and performing. “I’ve been performing since I was four, […] and just loved being on stage” says CLO. She continued to explain that she even graduated a semester early in order to move to LA right out of high school. 6 months after her big move, CLO says she was introduced to pop-rock producer Warren Huart. “I was playing at some typical LA spots, like Adults Only and Whiskey a Go Go when I got introduced to Warren,” she adds.

CLO and Warren Huart Collaborate

From there her and Huart, who also worked with other stars, such as The Fray and Colbie Caillat, hit it off and after hours of collaboration and combining their talents “Blackout” was born. CLO says that Huart helped with the riff of the song and that her three liner, “mess with my head, fuck with my head, get out of my head” lead to them easily bouncing off ideas with one another to create the ultimate girl empowerment jam.

CLO Describes Her Sound as Electric


As for what inspires her lyrics CLO explained, “I write in my journal of what I see or what I’m going through.” Adding that she’s “really excited about this song” because she’s able to tell her stories through music. When asked how she would describe her sound, CLO revealed that she’s inspired by soul and motown artists, thanks to her parents and what she listened to growing up. She also is a fan of Dua Lipa and Amy Winehouse and is influenced by their talents. However, her sound is truly unique with CLO saying if she only had one word to describe her sound it would be “electric.” And, we totally agree. “Blackout” is filled with energy and it’s definitely a hard to sit-still-to-song.

“Blackout’s” Music Video is a Must-Watch

The music video for “Blackout” also adds to the song, because this video kills it when it comes to being fierce. CLO needs no backdrop as she belts out her lyrics and flaunts three edgy leather-inspired looks in an abandoned warehouse throughout the music video. Of the production, CLO says it was “a dream come true” and that she loved working with photographer and director Nikko LaMere. She also adds that it was “probably the hottest day in LA” when they shot the video. Despite the sweat, CLO says it just added fuel to the fire when it came to performing and she loved every minute of shooting. They wrapped the day up at 2am, but the final product is definitely a must-see.

CLO Looks to the Future


So after speaking to CLO and talking about her new single, it’s safe to say that we can only expect more from this new artist. When asked what she has planned for in the future CLO says she’d love to do a live stream with her band. Since the pandemic has put a damper on live music, she’s eager to find new ways to perform for her fans. She also is excited to keep writing and putting out new music in the upcoming new year. If you ask us, we’re definitely excited to hear more music from CLO and see what else this rising star has up her sleeves. However, for now, we will just have to put on “Blackout” on repeat as we wait, which in all honestly we’re totally okay with.  For those who want to check out the video, check it out on YouTube here.

Featured Photo By: Piper Ferguson