Singer Chloe Bailey talked about self-love and her struggle with insecurities in a candid Instagram live last Sunday after receiving backlash on some of her Instagram posts. People criticized the Chloe x Halle singer for showing the “sexier side” of herself in a few videos she posted on her page.

During the emotional Instagram live session, Bailey talked about her journey of self-love and how she feels most confident when she is dancing. “When I dance, that’s when I get to tap into the sexier side of myself and thats where I find my confidence.” She went on to say, “Don’t change who you are to make society feel comfortable… I’m telling myself thats not what I’m going to do.”

The 22-year-old singer is getting a lot of support on social media for her vulnerability and empowering message. Actress Gabrielle Union tweeted her support to Bailey saying, “@chloexhalle please continue to fly. We gotchu. Keep shining!” Filmmaker Ava DuVernay also defended the singer via Twitter. “Stay in the sun, Lil Sis. You got this,” she wrote. Bailey thanked her supporters for their love and for sharing their stories of overcoming insecurities.

Chloe’s New Instagram Identity

Dressed in a bright pink hoodie, Bailey sat down for a 20-minute Instagram live to address the content of her posts.

Although not new to Instagram, this is Bailey’s first time with her own public profile. She previously shared an Instagram with her sister, Halle, to promote their music. While their joint Instagram account still exists, the girls now have their own public profiles. Bailey said her Insta was something “new and exciting” and a chance for people to see a different side of her. But her newly minted Instagram has come with some challenges.

“There’s been like a lot of talk about and stuff about my Instagram and like my dance videos,” she said. One of the videos Bailey talks about in the live is a post of herself dancing to Jeremih’s “All The Time.” The video is Bailey’s version of TikTok’s popular Silhouette Challenge.


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Bailey said she shot the video in her room about six months ago because she “really really loves to dance.” While the singer is no stranger to the spotlight, Bailey shared that she is actually really shy in real life. “It has taken a lot for me to show the world who I really am inside,” she said.

But that’s not the only video that received criticism. A video Bailey posted of herself lighting sage in her room in a t-shirt and underwear also got a lot of attention. While the post received lots of positive comments, it got many negative ones too. One user commented “Chloe it’s not cute anymore sis. Stop.” Another wrote, “No self respect in this generation.”


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Bailey addressed the comments during her live saying she is confused by the “uproar” about her posts because she doesn’t see herself as a sexual being. “I don’t post what I post to get attention. I don’t need that,” she said.

Chloe Talks Self-Love On Instagram

Social media can be a tough place to be yourself—that’s why Bailey’s message to unapologetically be herself resonated with so many. But her unwavering confidence did not come without struggle. “I’ve been really insecure for a really long time,” Bailey said through tears. The singer also added that she used to hate her stretch marks and cellulite. “Now I really love who I am. I don’t post what I post for validation from anybody or even male attention. It’s just me,” she said.

The 22-year-old shared that for a long time, she felt she “wasn’t pretty enough.” But today, Bailey has a different message—”It’s ok to be all that you are and stand in that power.” 

Watch the rest of Bailey’s Instagram live here.


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