Josi Maria
Lifestyle WELLNESS

Josi Maria: The Struggle Behind The Smile

Josi Maria, the girl with an infectious smile, captivating personality, and blue eyes that sparkled with anticipation; one would never suspect her silent struggle .

Chloe Ting
Lifestyle WELLNESS

Chloe Ting – The Real Deal?

Millions have been raging about Chloe Ting’s trendy workouts – especially when quarantining in the dreadful pandemic of COVID-19. Luckily for us, Chloe Ting has

Quarantine Holiday

Quarantine-Friendly Ways to Socialize this Holiday Season

This holiday season many people might be a bit disappointed as they celebrate in quarantine, away from a majority of their family and friends. While

Covid-19 Vaccine

Why Vaccines Have Become So Controversial (And What It Means For Covid-19)

Unless you really enjoy no-win arguments or get a high from being threatened with bodily harm, there are certain topics in 2020 that just aren’t

Sarah Ambrose

Sarah Ambrose: Rising Star to Surviving Star

Breaking into the Theatre scene can be challenging and exciting. Theatre actress Sarah Ambrose is here to tell us her story and how COVID has

Jonathan Van Ness

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness On Living with HIV in a Pandemic

Jonathan Van Ness became a household name in 2018 when Netflix launched Queer Eye, a reboot of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Jonathan

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer Breaks Her Silence on her Battle with PCOS

27-year-old Actress and Singer Keke Palmer was never shy in front of the camera. From hosting the 2020 MTV Music Video Awards to her skits


Is Your Beauty Routine Contributing to Pollution?

The beauty industry is booming and if you’re a consumer of its beloved products, you know why. We are living in a time where there


Making a List and Checking it Twice- 5 Beauty and Wellness Gifts $30 and Under

It’s that time of year my friends, the holidays are upon us. Though this is a joyful time, it can be rather stressful to gift


I Tried Curology for 3 Months and Here’s What Happened

I heard about Curology through the World Wide Web of skincare products that always promise “glass-like” skin, that’s “flawless” and “blemish-free.”   In my mind, it