Epilating—Hair Removal Made Easy

Ladies, whip out the epilator—discard yourselves of that frustrating body hair holding you back from your most beautiful beach body yet. Summer is here, and


It’s Time to Take Care of Your Gut

The mind, the body, and the soul. Who would have thought everything would be so intertwined and connect in such a significant way? Through knowledge,

Food Trends

Food Trends 2021: What to Expect

With this new year comes an onslaught of home-chefs with dine-in seating closed and how-to tutorials in massive boom across the internet. While waiting for

Bodies Online

Bodies Online: Rethinking Toxic Debates About Health

Often people on the internet feel the need to comment on issues when they have no place or information to do so. Being overweight is

J Lo

JLo’s Glow Beauty Line, A Glittering Success

Jennifer Lopez new beauty line, JLo Glow has hit the market, and as expected, the reviews are as extravagant as the product. Lopez, who has

Foods That Cure

Foods That Cure

We all can remember a time when our grandmas told us to swallow honey raw for a sore throat or rub calamine lotion on acne-prone

Jennifer Lopez

The Secret to that J-Lo Glow

ennifer Lopez is known for a variety of things: her iconic Versace dress (yeah the green one), being Jenny from the block, her music, her

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato To Reveal Her Story Of Addiction And Recovery

Demi Lovato goes public on March 23rd in a YouTube original docuseries Dancing with the Devil, where Lovato is prepared to discuss her struggle with

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes Celebrates 100 Pound Weight Loss During The Pandemic

What could be the reason behind this drastic life change? Was it solely due to health reasons or vanity due to being a public figure?

Pandemic Fitness

One Year Later: How the Pandemic Transformed Fitness

With the one year mark approaching – of when our lives got flipped upside down – let’s take a moment to recognize what our “new