How to Host a Zoom Holiday Party – Yes, We’re Making This a Thing

With various lockdown rules scattered throughout the country, it’s made holiday gatherings impossible (rightfully so). But, alas, those of us Christmukkah-mavens who wait ALL YEAR


Hipcamp: A New Way To Explore The Outdoors

Prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic, adventurers have been struggling to find creative ways to continue exploring the outdoors. In many areas, public campsites

Orion Carloto

Orion Carloto Releases New Poetry Book, Film For Her

Orion Carloto releases second poetry book, Film for Her.

Holiday Gathering

Tips For Hosting A Socially Distant Gathering – Yes, Even In Winter

Many of us were just getting the hang of socializing during the pandemic. The weather has permitted us to see a small number of people

Christmas Gifts

Less Is More This Holiday Season With These Gifts

On any other usual Black Friday, we’d be breaking down the doors of stores shedding blood, sweat and tears to get everything that we want.

Black Friday

10 Must-have Black Friday Picks this November 2020

With Black Friday coming up, great deals and gift-giving season is right around the corner. One of the hallmarks of the Holiday Season is thoughtful

Asya Branch

The New Miss USA is… Mississippi!

The moment of truth is finally revealed. After weeks anticipation and conquering the unknown of the pandemic, were finally able to know the new title

Vegan Thanksgiving

Tips and Tricks For a Vegan Friendly Thanksgiving

Tricky dietary restrictions may have you wondering what to put on the table. Here are some handy tips and tricks for easily creating vegan friendly versions of all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Private Jet

It’s Not Only Celebs Who Can Pose in a Private Jet

Famous names that we follow on our social media accounts all have one big thing in common. One very big thing. PRIVATE. JETS. Whether they