Graham Kramer

Graham Kramer Confirms Upcoming Project With The Reigning King Of Pop

After a short hiatus, the multi-genre producer and DJ announced his comeback and aims for the charts. Graham Kramer confirmed feature rumors about his upcoming

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson Announces His Return To YouTube

After a brief hiatus from his YouTube Channel, Shane Dawson has announced his return to the platform. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, June 9,

Jeff Wittek Accident

Jeff Wittek Speaks Out on Freak Accident Involving David Dobrik

Jeff Wittek got candid about the stunt that nearly took his life last year. He is a member of the YouTuber collective, The Vlog Squad,


An Influencer And Their Audience

As a millennial, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m not the biggest fan of sitting in front of my tv and watching cable

Maani Safa

Maani Safa And His Poppins Team Of Superstar Creatives

The award-winning creative technology pioneer has built a number of successful global digital creative agencies. For his latest venture, Poppins, he gathered a team of

Addison Rae

Addison Rae’s Movie Finds Home on Netflix

The ’90s are back baby! He’s All That, a gender-swapped rendition of the 90’s cult classic She’s All That, finds home at Netflix. Addison Rae,

Van Life

Social Media Influencers, Climbingvan, Releases New Van Conversion Book

The global pandemic has affected many things this past year, international travel being one of the biggest. This has sparked a high interest in campervans,

Jacqueline Whitney

Jacqueline Whitney: A Voice of Hope

A Journey Into Poetic Inspiration A Community of Friends

Memu Conteh

Memu Conteh: Anything This Woman Can’t Do?

Memu Conteh is a Model, Writer, Youtube Personality, maybe even a Chef (her Instagram stories prove this to be true) and just a damn right

Sam the Cooking Guy

Two Of The Best YouTube Cooking Shows In 2021

In the year 2021, there isn’t that much originality floating around the air anymore. The internet has never been more accessible than it’s been today,