Tips on Making an Outfit from Ordinary to Extraordinary with Accessories

There is something about accessories that can make any outfit look effortlessly chic. You often do not need expensive pieces to make your outfit look

Virgil Abloh

How To Build A Brand With Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh has created what he describes as ”a digital resource that provides mentorship of the same format that I developed to start my own


‘Queen of Chains and Metals’ One of the Hottest Celebrity Designers

Fans know Rapper Saweetie as “ICY GRL,” for a reason. In her newest single Back to the Streets featuring Jhene Aiko, she slayed her outfit from  hairstyles to

Sneaker Culture

Sneaker Culture: A Billion Dollar Business Globally

According to sneaker enthusiasts, the sneaker culture really took off in 1984, when Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike to wear the famous Air

Puffer Jacket

Puffer Coats- Not Just Coats Anymore

What’s big, puffy and keeps you warm? Yup, you guessed it, the popular puffer coat. Nowadays this coat is not only seen as a necessity

Activism in Fashion

Activism Influencing the Fashion Industry

Activism is a source of inspiration for fashion brands; it is being used even more in today’s climate. Fashion is being used as a way

Fall Fashion 2020

5 Fall 2020 Fashion Tips

Summer is saying goodbye this year, and it’s time to “Fall” back into cozy sweaters and boots. The weather is getting colder, so that means

Thanksgiving Style

5 Styled Outfits For Thanksgiving and Christmas

The coronavirus might’ve canceled many events, but it didn’t cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Although most of us will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas at our

Dana Donofree

Dana Donofree: Cancer Survivor turned Fashion Icon

Surviving Breast Cancer is a challenging and scary journey for anyone either going through it or watching someone go through with it. Fashion designer Dana

Dior Autumn 2021

How The Pandemic Has Changed How We Live In Fashion

Can a livestream catwalk capture the theatrical frame and movement of clothing? Can it inspire a crowd the same? Will the character and meaning behind