Jennifer Lopez

4 Fabulous Little Black Dresses Celebs are Wearing- and You Can Too

Allow the angels to sing because “hallelujah” we made it folks. We made it to 2021. It was questionable on at least fifty different occasions

Charlotte York

Six Reasons Why Charlotte York is the Real Sex and the City Fashion Icon

The real 2000s fashion icon of New York is quite fittingly, Charlotte York. Here’s 5 reasons why your fave hopeless romantic rules the SATC fashion scene.


Women’s Favorite Fashion Magazine Vogue is Breaking Cover Barriers

Vogue has vigorously pulled itself together with the times we’re in today. In doing so, the magazine has been working for the better by breaking its own cover barriers.


Patagonia: Now Selling Second Hand Clothing

Patagonia, an outdoor clothing and gear brand, has consistently been a leader for environmental advocacy efforts. Since their launch, they have made a promise to

2021 Fashion

Fashion Trends That Will Be Back For 2021

In the world of fashion, you have your classic items that never become outdated, irrelevant, stale, uninteresting, etc. Some examples are leather jackets, suits, boots,


Denim: A Timeless Fabric That You Need In Your Closet

Featured in almost every capsule wardrobe guide, denim has made it’s mark as being one of clothings most timeless fabrics. It continues to dominate the

The Crown

“The Crown Effect”

I’m sure you have heard of the popular Netflix show, The Crown, and if not, you will shortly. This show is a Netflix original series

Post Malone

Wow- Post Malone X Crocs Sell Out In A Day

CROCS X Post Malone collaborated on a limited edition of foam clog shoes, and they sold out in a day in the United States. On

Americas Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model- Who’s Still On Top?

Over 130 beautiful models stood before Tyra Banks to compete on America’s Next Top Model. But, only some of them went on to make their

Bethany Mota

The Story Behind Atom&Matter by Bethany Mota

What if we lived in a connected and inclusive world for women? This idea and vision motivated Bethany Mota to start Atom&Matter, a delicate jewelry