The names are Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn but others may know them as “The Fathers”.

For those of you who only have the one father figure in your life that was given to you at birth, let me give you some back story on these “fathers” that some have adopted into their [podcast] family.

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Alex Cooper

Before becoming the now solo host on a very popular podcast, Call Her Daddy, she was a soccer star at Boston University. She later became an on-air studio anchor with Dirty Water Media in 2016.

She’s got a wild life with a witty sense of humor that really captures an audience. At 26 years old, she’s made quite the presence on social media.

Some fans may label Alex as outgoing, out spoken, smart, driven and dominant

Sofia Franklin

The 28 year old brunette grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended the University of Utah to study economics. Following that she moved to New York City to work in Finance where she would later meet Alex.

Sofia can also be seen as outgoing and determined but a bit more submissive and basic compared to Alex, fans say.

Call Her Daddy

It all began in 2018 when the two were on vacation and came up with the idea to begin a podcast together. It was only a month of dishing their dirt until Bartsool acquired them. As a result of airing with Bartsool they quickly began to rank in hundreds of thousands of subscribers, says New York Times.

The podcast is about sex, dating, culture and life in New York City. Taylor Lorenz from New York Times would describe it as “raunchy”. Although, most females in college or their 20’s would label it as relatable, interesting and a breathe of fresh air. Fans really liked how honest and openly they could talk about sex from a women’s perspective.

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Anybody Hear the Tea Kettle Whistling? It’s Ready to be Poured

As most of the world now knows, even non listeners, the dynamic raunchy duo has officially split. April 8th, they uploaded a podcast named “Kesha… The End” and then went silent. They were legally unable to speak out about what was going on behind closed doors. They promised their fans that they would eventually bring them back into the loop and they most definitely did.

Friendship Compatibility Test Anyone?

Their zodiac signs make them out to be a balanced and energetic pair. Alex being a Leo, she is governed by the sun. Leo’s are said to radiate light making them highly energetic and enthusiastic. Sofia is a cancer. Cancer signs are run by the moon which tends to be emotional and influences you to be more nurturing. Leos are said to have a bit of an ego while Cancers can play with manipulation well. The fire sign, Leo, and the water sign, cancer, both like to be in control and can sometimes lead to arguments of who should rule.

HMMM are getting at something folks?

Photo Credit: Sofia Franklyns Instagram

Sofia With an F

On October 9th, 2020 Sofia released episode one of her new podcast. No more Alex, no more barstool and no more being mistreated (as she felt she was). She states that she was “publicly attacked, bullied and humiliated for months by millions of people”. She opens up about the renegotiating of contracts. She also added in the behind the scenes drama of the business and friendships. She puts intense energy into telling the ladies listening that they shouldn’t be bullied by men into thinking that they deserve less and shouldn’t allow others to twist stories out of fear of standing up for themselves. Because of her experiences she gives the advice to never comprise your time, energy and emotions for others.

She speaks out to Alex directly about the break of their friendship and the personal hurt that came of it. She tells her audience how she (Sofia) continuously tried to salvage their friendship even following the events of being bullied. Sofia continues to talk about the moment she knew that their friendship was over; it was April 30th, 2020. She shares the text message that she sent to Alex on that day and then continues to talk down about her work to the listeners.

Sofia let it all out in this podcast and has you questioning was the friendship ever real? Did the fame and the money make it easy to mask her true feelings towards the relationship?

Photo Credit: Call Her Daddy Podcast

Alex X Barstool: The Daddy Legend Continues [and Claps Back at Sofia]

Episode 100 was released on October 27th, 2020 with Lauri Cooper (Alex’s mom) as the guest. Most fans were anticipating a response to Sofia’s dish of emotions and that’s what they got. Well, sort of. Alex and her mom spent the hour talking about the type of relationships that we allow in our lives. They touch mostly on romantic relationships but they advice that was being given can be used in any context of relationships. Listening in you can begin to feel that they tip toe around the bush of her and Sofia’s relationship but don’t ever mention her name. It’s more of a “if the shoe fits” type thing. However, at the end Alex asks her mom one final question: “As my mother, what would you tell the daddy gang about me that you think, because I have an online relationship with them, they would never truly know about me? But as my mother, you know about me and my character. What do you want them to know?”

Her mother responds gracefully, letting the daddy gang know that she was raised with “very high moral and ethical principals”. She touches on the dispute that happened and states that Alex did the right thing when her integrity and character were challenged. She feels that the real story leading up to the dispute between the two won’t ever be told and doesn’t think that the real story will ever be told because it isn’t how Alex was raised. She says that Alex was a supportive, loyal and caring friend first, even while her career was at stake. A career that has always been her dream. Lastly, she ends it with saying that Alex is a “good, decent and strong young woman”.

Who Will You Call “Daddy”?

With both ladies continuing their podcast career, who will rise to the top? We could argue that Alex is destined for success given her already large fan base with 1.8 million followers on Instagram and over 130,000 ratings on the CHD podcast opposed to Sofias 61,000. Although, for starting from [almost] scratch, Sofia seems to be getting a lot of attention. So, when the tension dies down and two move on from airing out the dirty laundry of their friendship and move back to exposing their sexual lives and the men in it, who will you choose to call daddy?