If you haven’t heard yet- it’s 2021 and people are still loving the lounge street style vibes that have been instilled in us, since we couldn’t leave our homes all 2020- but who doesn’t need a solid pair of go-to jeans to wear? May as well grab a pair, or two, since businesses are becoming more and more open; which means people are out and about more. Let’s take a look at the jean brands that don’t just lift everything up but are so chic that celebs are drawn to them and quite simply can’t get enough.

1. Mother Denim

This is a premium denim brand with the price ranging from $198-$350. A-list celebs, such as: Cindy Crawford and Taraji P Henson, can’t deny the quality and fit of this fabulous brand. The denim feels like butter and the fit is like no other. They also carry fun socks, tees to throw on with the same buttery touch and men’s. Who What Wear agrees, saying: “This brand not only has a great quality of fabric but there is a perfect ration of stretch and structure to the fabric. Also, the brand itself really appeals to the current pop culture. They have fresh and youthful marketing behind their visuals.”—Tiffany Breseno

2. Levi’s 

Levi’s is the type of brand that you think of, and there is no way that it doesn’t feel like home or going back to grandma’s; there is something about this brand that is very nostalgic for people. I’m sure it has something to do with the then “waist overall” (today’s blue jeans) being invented in 1873, it easily has become a big part of “our story.” From celebrities, presidents to the everyday worker, it’s easy to enjoy the fit of this brand. The above photo is Hailey Bieber with Wardrobe Stylist, Maeve Riley. Riley talks about how Levi’s is making a difference in a time where our planet needs us, she says, “Taking responsibility for the lifecycle of our clothes. Buy less, buy responsibly, and get more from what we already have. Levi’s has its Tailor Shops, Levi’s Authorized Vintage, and now Levi’s® SecondHand.” Fashion as a whole is trying to be friendlier to the planet. Brands like Stella McCartney are made with organic cotton, which means, ” 70% less water than conventional cotton and are void of toxic chemicals.” They are rooted with “ethical practices and sustainability.” 

3. AG Jeans

AG Jeans is another brand that has been recognized for biodegradable denim. “In 2000, two powerhouses of the denim industry brought their visions together and founded AG Jeans in Los Angeles, California. Nicknamed the “Godfather of denim,” Adriano Goldschmied established a legacy that was instantly recognized for its ingenious washes and designs, laying the groundwork for AG’s rise in popularity as the leader of premium denim.” The Godfather of denim? I mean it sounds like this brand is worth a try. The above photo is Wardrobe Stylist, Ashley Weston giving us all the fresh spring vibes, she is wearing the Jodi Crop in white.

4. Reformation 

This brand is known for a lot more then denim but regardless of why or how you are familiar with this brand, the denim should not go unnoticed. A sustainable brand with cheeky signs outside the Melrose shop in Los Angeles stating: “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We are #2,” it’s obvious how seriously they take our planet. This brand has been spotted on trendsetters, such as: Karlie Kloss, Taylor SwiftVanessa Hudgens. You can always find at least one piece for every occasion online or in the shops. They recently “joined the Jeans Redesign project with @EllenMacArthurFoundation’s,meaning [their] teams are designing jeans with circularity in mind when it comes to durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability.” Well you know what they say there is no time like the present so get out of those pajamas (even if you are still working from home) and try one or a couple of these jean brands that celebrities can’t stop wearing.