And that’s a wrap! The Super Bowl LV ends on a high note with a historic win and star-studded commercials. The game took place in the Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa Florida — home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who played against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The event was full of surprises! From the Buccaneer’s win to The Weeknd’s halftime performance, here are the best Super Bowl LV moments people will be talking about.

Buccaneers Take the Win

Tom Brady does it again! After 18 years, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the Lombardi Trophy once again. The Buccaneers beat The Kansas City Chiefs 31-9, respectively, making them the Super Bowl LV champions. Brady, Buccaneers Quarterback, makes history after winning his 7th Super Bowl and taking the Bucs to glory within his first year with them. Brady reassured his team all week that they would secure the win. “All Week, he was making us believe we could win. He was texting us at 11 o’clock at night ‘We will win this game,'” Said Buccaneers running back, Leonard Fournette.

Attendance at an All-Time Low

Super Bowl LV hosted 25,000 people at the Raymond James Stadium, making it the lowest attendance ever for a Super Bowl. However, social media didn’t hold back when criticizing the number of people breaking Covid-19 protocols in the stadium. Users pointed out fans not wearing their marks properly or not wearing a mask at all in such close proximity to large crowds. A portion of attendees happened to be vaccinated frontline workers; they were given the opportunity to attend the Super Bowl as gratitude for their work. The stadium was prepared, handing out masks and hand sanitizer to fans upon entering the stadium. 

Despite the backlash, 30,000 other people also attended the Super Bowl in the form of cutouts displayed in regular fan seating. A few familiar faces popped up, giving fans a chance to spot celebrities and social media personalities amongst the crowd. Lady Gaga, Bretman Rock, Charli D’Amelio, Billie Eilish are some of the faces seen in the crowd.

Amanda Gorman Takes the Spotlight

Since the Presidential Inauguration, people have been enamored with Amanda Gorman and her poetry. The same could be said after her historic Super Bowl performance. The 22-year-old poet recited an original poem titled “Chorus of the Captains,” making her the first poet to perform at the Super Bowl. “Poetry at the Super Bowl is a feat for art & our country because it means we’re thinking imaginatively about human connection even when we feel siloed,” she said in a tweet. The poem honors three heroes, including frontline workers and teachers, who “exemplify their best effort” to carry her words to their true potential. 

The Weeknd’s Halftime Performance

The Super Bowl Halftime performance is arguably one of the most anticipated moments of any Super Bowl. This year, however, was kind of a snooze fest according to social media. The Weeknd, this year’s halftime artist, performed a few of his hits in a whopping $7 million production. The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, revealed to Billboard that performing at the Super Bowl was always on his bucket list. To make things perfect, the Toronto native spent $7 million dollars of his own money to “make this halftime show be what he envisioned,” per his manager.

Social media’s initial reaction to his performance erupted with comparisons to Jordan Peele’s US, Star Wars, and even The Handmaid’s Tale. Starting off with a few technical difficulties, The 30-year old singer manages to pull off a lengthy performance, full of hits like “Starboy” and “Blinding Lights.” It’s during “Can’t Feel My Face” that created a handful of memes.

If you were waiting for Daft Punk to appear, keep dreaming. This year’s halftime show did not have any surprise guests as previous years had. However, The Weeknd made use of the football field and busted a few moves with his dancers. Viewers also noted the missed opportunity of incorporating the viral TikTok dance during “Blinding Lights.”

Commercials That Had People Talking

If you’re not in it for the game, you’re most likely tuning in to watch the commercials. Super Bowl LV was full of celebrity appearances and pop-culture nods. Marvel fans finally got what they’ve been waiting for — “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” swooped in and took fans for a ride for their upcoming release in March on Disney+.

If you remember the 2019 Super Bowl, you probably were one of the fans let down during the Halftime show after a petition to get “Sweet Victory” to be performed — honoring Spongebob’s creator who had passed — was snubbed. Fear not, Paramount+ came in to make up for the lost opportunity. In their star-packed commercial — led by Patrick Stewart — stars like Snooki, DJ Khaled, and James Corden, joined the Star Trek actor on top “Mount Paramount” to promote the streaming service Paramount+. Stewart summons Spongebob and friends in the now-infamous “Sweet Victory” performance in hopes to get everyone to dance after Snooki asks what was the point of being on top of the mountain.

Timothée Chalamet and Winona Ryder filled Edward Scissorhands fans with nostalgia in a Cadillac commercial, where Ryder reprises her role she held in the 90’s classic film. This time, we are introduced to Edward’s son, Edgar Scissorhands (played by Chalamet), wandering the world with scissors for hands like his father. The commercial fully captures the essence of the Tim Burton film, adding a comedic flare to it — and of course a Cadillac car.

Other stars like Cardi B, Drake, Paul Rudd, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Michael B. Jordan, Dolly Parton, and more are scattered in different commercials aired throughout the night.

You can watch all the Super Bowl LV commercials here.