Having a comedy air on television is fierce competition. You can either make it or break it. Some shows survive pilot season and other shows become long forgotten. Making it on the air and trying to survive your first season, that’s an entirely different story. In the past, there are shows that become one season wonders who never made it to a second season. This leads to the disappointment of dedicated fans all around who had hoped for the continuation of their show. That is the case for one comedy that has become a huge hit and is fighting for continuation.

The Show That Became a Sleeper Hit

In April 2020 in the middle of the Pandemic, a show debuted on ABC Primetime hitting an instant popularity. The show was The Baker and The Beauty. Originally based off of an Israeli series, the show centers on Miami based baker Daniel who comes across international superstar Noa Hamilton. Having Noa enter his life changes Daniel and his families life forever! From breaking up with his girlfriend Vanessa to becoming a media prize, Daniel never expected his world to change drastically. For better or worse, Daniel definitely entered a different direction than life had planned for him. Not only his life but his whole families life as well has been put in a different direction.


For those who have watched the series and those who haven’t be warned of spoilers. Last seen on Baker and the Beauty, tons was happening in the last two episodes. Daniel and his family were faced with losing their family business while him and Noa cooled down. Noa tried to distract herself from the break up by preparing for her movie and trying to save her company. Younger sister Natalie throws a Quinceanera with Noa’s help in hopes of bringing the whole family back together in piece.

Brother Mateo puts his DJ dreams on hold due to a previous failure while battling his feeling’s towards Daniel’s ex Vanessa. Noa’s assistant Louis is battling cancer and is trying to move forward in life. Parents Rafael and Mari debate on whether to sell the family bakery or keep it for the sake of everyone. In the last few minutes of the final episode of season one, Noa and Daniel realized their true feelings for one another. Soon after several decisions are made involving the bakery, Daniel and Noa announce an even bigger decision. They’re engaged and getting married! And with that, it definitely has a cliffhanger that had audiences begging for more.

Where Did it Air and Why It Canceled?

The Baker and the Beauty made its debut on April 13, 2020 on ABC. Opening up to great reviews and quickly loved by critics and audiences all around, this show was sure to be a huge hit. Especially with everyone stuck inside during quarantine, they needed another show to binge watch during the early days of the pandemic. ABC aired a total of nine episodes making it a mid-season replacement. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for the breakout out hit. The show was canceled in June 2020. As soon as cancellation was announced, fans around drew petitions to have the show renewed for a second season. Luckily dedicated fans signed and prayed that this would work. Even trying to get other networks to pickup the series. Still that wasn’t enough for the show to be renewed. But was it though?

Netflix Saving the Show

Exactly one year since the show made its debut on ABC, Netflix decided to air the one and only season of the show. With The Baker and the Beauty now streaming on Netflix, anything was possible. And with that, the impossible did happen exactly a year later. The Baker and the Beauty became one of the top ten shows to stream on Netflix boosting popularity again. Now since more and more people have found out about the show, it’s not wonder the show has become a mega hit. Netflix definitely swooped in at the right time and gave Baker and the Beauty right streaming home.

As Baker and the Beauty has rebooted popularity once again, petitions have once again been established. Fans have been resigning petitions for the show to have a second season and second chance on Netflix. In fact some of the shows stars have took to social media sharing the petition in hopes of returning to filming. Nat Kelly who plays Noa Hamilton on the hit series has shared links to petitions for fans to sign as well as co-star David Del Rio. The more people have shared petition signing, the chances people hope to see a second season. As more and more tune into Netflix, the more audiences will discover and love Baker and the Beauty. With Netflix anything is possible and the future seems to be looking bright for the short lived series!