Entering the Reality TV circa can be scary and exciting. Some do it for fun. Others do it for a chance to boost their image and careers. A reality show can either insist on playing games or finding love. In this case it’s both. Connor Saeli of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise is here with is us telling about his experience on the shows. Mr. Saeli will tell readers what the process of being on the show was like along with dealing with the after math and exploring new opportunities. Not to mention he tells readers what he is looking for in a future partner! Continue to read on and find out what Connor is all about!

Q: How did you end up on the Bachelorette? (Ex: Did someone submit you? Did you apply yourself?) 

A: During my high school days, I used to watch the show with my friends. It was always a joke between all of us that if I was 24/25 and still single they would nominate me for the show. Flash forward to when I was 24. I received a surprise phone call from a producer on the show saying that someone had nominated me (without telling me) and asking if I would be interested. At the time I was single and looking for love. I thought “why not” and a couple of months later found myself on the show!

Q: How do you think you have grown as a person since appearing on various seasons from the Bachelor franchise?

A: While being on the show you learn a lot about yourself. When I went into the whole experience, I was still very young. Still I had a lot to learn about myself, love, and so many other things. One of the biggest things I learned is how precious and valuable time is. On the show you get so little time with the lead and every moment you do get with them you have to make the most of it.

I realized that prior to the show I was not really living my life with that way of thinking and life was kind of passing me by. Since the show I have definitely tried to change that and live everyday / moment to the fullest! The other thing is I used to be a pretty quiet guy. Still am. But the show definitely made me open up and come out of my shell in a good way. I think since then I have been able to make so many amazing connections with people because I am more open of a person. Most importantly though, being on the show taught me even more how much I want that fairytale love and I can’t wait for the day I find it!!!

Q: What was one of your most memorable moments while filming? 

A: There were so many memorable moments from the show, but I think one of the most memorable for me was the rugby game in Rhode Island. During filming I had been super quiet up till that point in the season. But right before the game my competitive side kicked in. I got really fired up, gave our team a pump up speech, and kind of shocked everyone. Unfortunately they did not really show that stuff on TV. It was really cool because everyone got to see me come out of my shell a bit and see more of my personality. 

Q: What advice would you give to anyone entering the world of reality TV?

A: By far the most important thing is to be yourself and just have fun. My biggest mistake during the Bachelorette was overthinking things and not enjoying the moment…so if I did it again I would just try to have fun, enjoy the moment / experience, and maybe find love! 

Q: What’s a common misconception you think people have about reality TV stars?

A: Mike Johnson and I talk about this a lot. One of the big things for both of us is that people see us post stuff on social media and think we just sit around all day and only make a living from posting ads on instagram. That may be true for some reality TV people, but I can speak for Mike and myself in that we hustle everyday and are working on so many more things besides Instagram.

I have my own business which has been awesome to start and have several other businesses / investments I am working on which takes up a lot of my time. Prior to the show I was working at Goldman Sachs and was looking to start my own business, and the thing I am most proud of throughout this whole experience is that my goals have not changed and I actually followed through on my ultimate goal of starting a business.

The other thing I think people often forget is that whether we were on TV or not. We are still people. In my opinion people see these reality TV cast members and for some reason take the human aspect out of it. Therefore almost viewing us as fictional characters that they can say whatever they want to. It is incredible the kinds of things people have said to my fellow castmates. Sad to say it is really unfortunate people take time out of their day to say something negative.

Going on the show takes a lot of courage to put your life, and a lot of times very personal stories. Not to mention in front of millions of people. To me I think viewers should remember that when they are watching and put themselves in said contestants shoes before choosing to pass judgement. 

Q: What’s something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

A: The biggest thing is just how many business projects I am working on. We all see one thing on social media. But I am very motivated in the business world and want to be successful there. So in the meantime I have worked really hard over the last several years to put myself in a position to succeed in a few different business ventures. 

Q: What are the five most important qualities you want in a  life partner? 

A: There are 3 very important qualities that I look for in a life partner. The first is someone who knows what they want. They do not need to know where they want to be in life in 30 years. Instead just a basic sense of maturity and what direction in life they want to go. I have been in so many confusing relationships that I honestly just want the opposite of that.

The second thing is someone who has substance / has passions. Personally I think there is nothing sexier than a woman who is passionate about something. Also someone who lives her life pursuing certain goals. I want someone who will push me. Somebody who is interesting. A woman who will always find ways to surprise me with how driven they are pursuing those passions.

The last thing is I want someone who loves me back and is not afraid to show me that. This has been something that has been lacking for me in the past, but is super important to me in a future partner. It does not even need to be saying the words “I love you” but little gestures, etc. that show someone how you feel. Relationships are a two way street and partners should know and not be afraid to express their love. 

Q: How have you used your influence to make the world a better place? (Ex: Any charities you may involved with and raise visibility for, causes that you promote, business endeavours, etc)

A: The most rewarding thing I have been able to do since the show is when I was able to walk around the Children’s Hospital. There I got to meet / play with some of the kids there. It is an incredibly humbling experience meeting these kids who are going through tough situations in their lives. But seeing how strong their spirit is…its just incredible. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day means so much to me.

With all that has been said and told, no wonder we can’t help but fall in love with him. A good guy all around. Ambitious and a big heart, this guy is the man every girl would love to bring home! To find out more about Mr. Saeli, feel free to follow him on his Instagram page below!

Instagram: @consaelaway