Dating during quarantine has turned into a challenge for everyone. But Bachelor alum Madison Prewett seems to be defying the odds by finding love amid pandemic chaos. So, which NBA star is the former Bachelor contestant getting friendly with?

Madison’s Time on the Bachelor

Born in Auburn, Alabama on March 25,1996, Prewett appeared on Bachelor season 24, competing for the heart of Peter Weber. Prewett finished as the runner-up after leaving voluntarily once she reached the top two. After Prewett’s departure, Weber proposed to remaining contestant Hannah Ann Slass. Their love was not meant to be, however. During the After the Final Rose special, Weber and Prewett revealed that they still had feelings for one another, and they gave their relationship a shot. This, too, was doomed to failure as the couple broke up mere days later. Now, it looks as though Prewett has moved on. 

So Who is Prewett Dating?!

Michael Porter Jr.

It looks as though Prewett is dating NBA Denver Nugget’s forward Michael Porter Jr. In a post on Instagram by Porter’s sister, Bri Porter, the pair was revealed to be enjoying a double date with Bri and her date. While some eyebrows are raised over the fact that NBA stars have a reputation for dating freely and Prewett is open about being a virgin, it’s not such a weird pairing after all.

Prewett Has Strong Ties to Basketball

Adley Rutschman

Prewett was herself a basketball state champion in high school. The Bachelor alum is also the daughter of a successful basketball coach.

In August, Prewett exchanged some flirty social media comments with Baltimore Orioles‘ player Adley Rutschman. NY Post reports on the adorable exchange as Prewett posted a snap; “‘Roses are red, violets are blue, whoever finishes this best, dinner on me for two,’ Prewett captioned the snap.

Rutschman, the first overall pick in last year’s MLB draft, then replied: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue…. I’ll change your name to Rutschman from Prew.’

‘Woah this is moving really fast….. first I need to know how do u say that last name,’ she responded, resulting in a proposal of sorts from Rutschman.

‘Guess we will have something to talk about over dinner then,’ the catcher said, adding a winky face emoji.”

Aside from a love of basketball and apparently basketball players, Prewett and Porter are both outspoken about their Christian faith. 

Who is Michael Porter Jr.?

Born in Columbia, Missouri, on June 29, 1998, Porter is one of pro basketball’s up-and-coming stars. In the 2018 NBA draft, Porter was originally top pick overall. However, he fell from 1st to 14th after concerns flew about his health. Porter does have back problems and has been through several surgeries to address them. 

What Does the Happy Couple Have Ahead?

Madison Prewett

Dating in 2020 is harder than ever. With the pandemic limiting couples from being out on the town too much, Prewett and Porter will have to be creative to stay safe. However, with their love of basketball and shared faith, they have a strong foundation to build on.