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Brad Adams

Brad Adams: Star in the Making

Becoming an Actor in Hollywood can be both challenging and lots of hard work. You must have the ambition, drive, and focus if you want

Sarah Ambrose

Sarah Ambrose: Rising Star to Surviving Star

Breaking into the Theatre scene can be challenging and exciting. Theatre actress Sarah Ambrose is here to tell us her story and how COVID has

Glen Ellen

It’s a Glen Ellen Generation

When making your mark in both acting and singing, people go to extreme lengths to achieve their dream. Others put in a lot of hard

Katya Alexander

Katya Alexander: Filming Around the World

Most people try to break into filmmaking after graduating college. For rising filmmaker Katya Alexander, she got her start much earlier in life. Early as


Dillon Daniel: On the Rise in Hollywood

For Dillon Daniel, this is his story of a make or break fairy tale. When getting started in Hollywood, it is a make or break

Lora Levison

Lora Levison: Redhead on the Rise

If Joan Rivers, Bette Midler, Lucille Ball and Cher had a redheaded Broadway baby, it would be her. Lora earned her Bachelor of Arts in

Ben Berger

Ben Berger: A New Belushi In The Making

Today we will be interviewing Comedian and Actor Ben Berger who has had an interesting journey and is actually a native of Los Angeles himself. 

Dana Donofree

Dana Donofree: Cancer Survivor turned Fashion Icon

Surviving Breast Cancer is a challenging and scary journey for anyone either going through it or watching someone go through with it. Fashion designer Dana

Marina Lang

Marina Lang: An International Star on the Rise

Actress/Model Marina Lang, who has appeared in films, videos and commercial, in both the United States and India talks about her burgeoning career and aspirations.

Liv Benson

Liv Benson: Life of a Former Child Actor

This week I had the honor of interviewing a former child actor, Liv Benson, who started her career on the stage and made the leap