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Marvel Studios is Still King

After a quiet year, the first in eleven years. thanks to the pandemic, marvel decided to stay quiet while all their other competition announced their


AEW Year Two: What to Expect

For the last decade, the big leagues of professional wrestling have been WWE. Yes, you have New Japan, ROH and IMPACT. But none of them

Snyder Cut

Why the Snyder Cut Is So Important

Next year will mark a new era for live action movies, it will start with ‘Wonder Woman 84” being released on HBO Max. then lead

Kris Jenner

The Genius That is Kris Jenner

Controvery Creates Cash In the aftermath of that disaster Kris decided she needed to turn the fortunes of the family around. She had some connections


Ghost Is Alive and He Will Be Back

Fans of the hit television show “Power” may have moved on to the spin off. But some are stuck on if we will ever see

Dan Cooper sketch

Dan Cooper, A Magician? Or a Fool?

When we think of crime, sometimes we think someone commits the crime. They may get away with it for a moment, but some new technology

Roman Reigns

A Master Class in Psychology by Roman Reigns

WWE is a controversial company, that is not saying anything new or surprising. However, the reason people fall in love with pro wrestling is for

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Last Ronin” Issue One Review (Spoilers)

Last Wednesday was a great day for comic fans, more importantly, TMNT fans. This marked the first time in decades that the original creators of