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Chicago PD

Is Chicago PD Dick Wolf’s Best Show?

Dick Wolf has been around forever on NBC, since 1990 to be exact. He started with “Law and Order.” Which went for twenty years and

AEW Action Figures

AEW Action Figures: Scalpers or Distribution?

When AEW first announced their partnership with Jazware for their first action figure line fans rejoiced. As the first videos and pictures of the figures

The Last of Us Part 2

Is “The Last of Us 2” Story That Bad?

Video games are supposed to be challenging. They are supposed to be fun, and sometimes divisive. But divisive in a good way, talking about graphics,

Warner Brothers Studios

Will Movie Studios Recover?

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, however for the first time in a little over a year. It feels like we can

Drew Brees

Drew Brees: The Legend That Was Not Supposed To Be

If I would have told you after watching Drew Brees first few years in San Diego. That he would break boundaries, records, other teams’ fans

Drew McIntyre

Alright WWE, Time to Make New Stars

The first Raw of 2021 brought us legends night. An over used theme, that WWE has gone to in the last several years. nostalgia is


Why Can’t the Grammy’s Get Hip Hop Right?

“It’s like inviting me over to your house for dinner. Then telling me to eat in the basement.” That was a quote from Jay-Z after

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman, Where Do We Go From Here?

2020 did not leave us without something divisive to talk about. “Wonder Woman 84” was the last live action movie and first major budget movie


“Ava” Review

Since the city I live in is still in full shut down, I have had to find different ways to entertain myself. So, the other

Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel: TikTok Star On the Rise

TikTok, an app and movement I do not understand. I know this year has been challenging to say the least. With a lot of live