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Super Bowl Halftime

Super Bowl Halftime Ads You Don’t Want to Miss This Sunday

Super Bowl 55 is right around the corner, like clockwork every first Sunday of February. This year, the championship game will take place in the Raymond James

Sopranos Prequel

‘Sopranos’ Prequel Film, “The Many Saints of Newark”: Everything You Need To Know

Before all die-hard Sopranos fans shake their heads to anything Sopranos-related without James Gandolfini in it, I hear you. I mean, what is it nowadays with remakes

Conor McGregor

Southpaw Standoff: Breakdown of UFC’s McGregor and Poirier

The first PPV UFC event in 2021 was among us, and we’re not talking about imposters. Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier faced off for a rematch

Virgil Abloh

An Inside Look at ‘ICONS’: Virgil Abloh Speaks About His New Nike Book

SNKRS Live, a feature of the SNKRS app developed by Nike, held an exclusive event discussing the collaborative work within “ICONS: Something’s Off.” Hosted by


Eminem’s Critical Concepts in Music To Be Murdered By: Side B

In his surprise “Side B” deluxe edition of Music To Be Murdered By, Eminem packs some critical facts into 16 tracks. Sprinkled with Alfred Hitchcock’s spoken

CNN NYE 2021

CNN New Year’s Eve: 2020 in a Nutshell

You’re probably wondering why we’re still talking about 2020 when that dreadful year is finally over. Well, awful as it was, it couldn’t have ended


Pixar’s Soul: An Abstract Take on Death, Purpose, and ‘Jazzing’

After years of films about animated bedroom toys, bugs creating coups d’é·tat, and talented chef rats, we are introduced to a completely new conceptual film.