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Bodies Online

Bodies Online: Rethinking Toxic Debates About Health

Often people on the internet feel the need to comment on issues when they have no place or information to do so. Being overweight is

Star Trek

Diversity On Screen: Going Where No One Has Gone Before

Through the natural diversity that exists, Star Trek: Discovery continues the tradition of going places where no one has gone before.

Movie Theatres

Movie Theaters: Survival in the U.S. Beyond the Pandemic

Movie theaters stay closed in the U.S., and re-opening them is not in the cards. However, many states, counties, cities, and towns allow restaurants, bowling

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Fires Back At Candace Owens With New Instagram Post

Harry Styles posted to Instagram after a month of no response to Candace Owens insisting his Vogue cover symbolizes the end of masculinity.

Kendall Jenner

Celebrities And The Impact Of “Lets Celebrate” During A Pandemic

Celebrities have yet to realize the impact of “lets celebrate” during a pandemic, ignoring the risk and the image their celebrations send to the world.

Super Natural

Carry On: The Supernatural Finale And The Long Road Ahead

The fans, cast, and crew gave a teary-eyed toast to the series finale, saluting the end of 15 years of Supernatural, the end of an era of television.