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Golden Globes

2021 Golden Globe TV Predictions

Television and streaming have been a saving grace for many of us during the last year of isolation. And this Sunday, we can finally give


Top Picks for the 2021 SXSW Film Festival

The 28th annual SXSW Film Festival is approaching, and it’s time for another newly digital experience of 2021! From March 16-20, audiences will be able


The Ultimate Guide to Netflix’s 2021 Movie Premiers

Netflix has been releasing movies and originals every week of 2021, and plans to continue throughout the entire year. We know you’ve been lost ever

Nashville Food
Lifestyle TRAVEL

The Best Food in Nashville Besides BBQ

When you first make your way through downtown Nashville, it’s easy to see the city’s backbone is made up of music and BBQ. But over


Books to Read Before They Become Hit Shows & Movies

Often overshadowed by their cinematic counterparts, some of our favorite movies and shows originated from books. Forrest Gump, Fight Club, The Queen’s Gambit, Big Little

Sundance Film Festival

What to Look Out For at This Year’s Sundance Film Festival

Rewinding back to its conception, the world-famous Sundance Film Festival was the brainchild of the Utah Film Commission – all from an idea to promote

Macaulay Culkin

Child Stars We Thought Would Stay Kids Forever

There are some things that we think will just stay the same forever – where the sun rises, the smell of fresh cut grass, Twinkies.


Inside the Quirkiest Celebrity Homes

While most celebrities spend their fortunes on elegant luxuries and simplistic furnishings, some have decided to spend their riches on other things – more colorful

Air BnB
Lifestyle TRAVEL

The Most Unique Airbnb’s in America

Ever since Airbnb busted onto the scene as the new way of lodging, hotels have taken a back seat. Airbnb allows guests to become a

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Has a Fiance and A Netflix Special, but Here’s Some Lesser Known Tea

While the internet is in a complete frenzy over Ariana getting engaged to a man we hardly even knew she was dating, I’m out here