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Dancing Graduate

Recent Dancing Graduate Thrives During Covid-19

This year millions of college students graduated, and it  has been anything but ordinary. Recent graduates are struggling to find jobs and most are living

The Crown Season 4

The Crown Season 4 Depiction Of Charles And Diana’s Relationship Is Very Accurate

Season 4 of The Crown was just released on November 15th, and this season there is a new character besides Margaret Thatcher that people have been anticipating,


A TV Show Created During COVID-19

One thing most people have been wondering throughout the COVID crisis is, “will that new season of Riverdale be happening in January like usual? Is

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner’s Halloween Themed Birthday Party Is Not Sitting Well With The Public

We all are familiar with how celebrities have great parties and costumes for Halloween. However, since COVID-19, many have pledged to have no parties and

Stareable Film Fest

Stareable Film Fest Explores The Changing Of Hollywood Through Virtual Entertainment

CELEB Mag sat down to enjoy this year’s Stareable Film Festival virtually! calls itself “the largest community of web series creators helping thousands of