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Food Trends

Food Trends 2021: What to Expect

With this new year comes an onslaught of home-chefs with dine-in seating closed and how-to tutorials in massive boom across the internet. While waiting for

2021 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics 2021: Everything You Need To Know

One of the most coveted tournaments of athletic prowess and endurance is being held this year as a spark of hope for a return to


Hot Ticket Items this Quarantine 2021

Since the start of quarantine, everyone has become accustomed to the easy-breezy softness of sweatpants and fuzzy socks. Comfort has become the nation’s number one

Apple Car

The Apple Car is Coming in 2024

The rumors that an Apple Car is being developed in a secret lab in Sunnyvale, California are true. Apple is indeed coming out with a


Black Panther 2: New Cast

While the Pandemic looms, the Hollywood Film industry still lives on. Former Black Panther action star Chadwick Boseman has passed at 43 due to colon


Monolith Returned

Odd, frightening, and unknown seems to the theme of this 2020. It should come as no surprise that following the strange chapter of 2020, the

Anthony Edwards

2020 NBA Draft Highlights

With this whirlwind year of natural disasters, events, and entertainment cut short by the pandemic, there is the bright light of major league sports to

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 with Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot will splash the big screen this winter season. With the year winding down and a new year on the horizon, this winter treat

Dash and Lilly

Dash And Lily’s Book of Dares NETFLIX Review

While 2020 has been a complete nightmare with monthly newsflashes of disease, natural disasters, and broadcasts everyday –  everyone deserves to feel the joy of