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Derrick Henry

NFL Week 13 Matchups and Fantasy Projections

Week 12 proved to be the longest week of professional football and now we have to wait until SUNDAY for more games. The Steelers and

Patrick Mahomes

NFL Week 12 Matchups and Fantasy Projections

The Steelers are rolling at TEN wins and NO losses on this season! STILL! Add to that their slight advantage of playing at home this

Kyler Murray

NFL Week 11 Matchups and Fantasy Projections

Will the Steelers ever be defeated? Probably not this week. They face a Jacksonville team that has one win on their season. But their new

Dalvin Cook

NFL Week 10 Matchups and Fantasy Projections

The Steelers are STILL undefeated! They take on AFC rival team the Bengals this week looking to go 9-0 on the season. Much less impressive

Devante Adams

NFL Week 9 Fantasy Projections and Team Matchups

Week 8 marked the halfway point of the 2020 NFL season. What a season it’s been so far! The Steelers are still undefeated, the Jets

Alvin Kamara

NFL Week 8 Fantasy Projections

Fantasy football has been a great way to stay connected to friends through an NFL season that has shaped up to be pretty unusual thanks