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Is This Finally a True Kardashian Love Story?

The news is fluttering with it, and the IG posts are blowing up. Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest of the Kardashian clan, has seemingly found true

Ariana Grande

Arianna Grandes Happily Ever After

The queen of pop Arianna Grande finally tied the knot with Dalton Gomez; the stars found a quarantined boyfriend. Fans and paparazzi were shocked to


5 Reasons to Stop the Excuses and Start Traveling

It is time to stop the excuses and start marking your dream destinations on your bucket -list. This generation is young a thriving, so let’s

Ralph Lauren

Celebrating Hospitality: By Ralph Lauren

Luxury, sophistication, and so Ralph Lauren. It may come as a surprise to us that Designer and branding extraordinaire Ralph Lauren has his hand in

Sentry NYC

The Sentry; High-class NYC Charm

Sensation, tranquility, and pristine, something the Sentry is not a stranger to. This peaceful oasis rests directly across from a jaw-dropping view of the famous


It’s Time to Take Care of Your Gut

The mind, the body, and the soul. Who would have thought everything would be so intertwined and connect in such a significant way? Through knowledge,

TWA Hotel

The TWA Hotel: Capture Your 1960’s Fantasy

What does lifestyle mean to you? Lifestyle can mean a plethora of things and is defined as something different by everyone. Lifestyle can mean the

Loungewear Lifestyle

The Loungewear Lifestyle

Let’s be honest and admit that our immediate reaction to the phrase “I love jeans” makes you question said person’s sanity and lack of desire

Khloe and Tristan
CELEB Dating

Khloe Kaves; Tristan Thompson is back

It isn’t a secret that the Kardashian sisters have had their fair share of cheating boyfriends and failed relationships. However, Khloe has surprisingly been second

California Sunset
Lifestyle TRAVEL

The Vibe That is California

We all know the vibe, salty skin, wet hair, and the aroma of some of the best food on the planet. California is more than