The queen of pop Arianna Grande finally tied the knot with Dalton Gomez; the stars found a quarantined boyfriend. Fans and paparazzi were shocked to hear of Grande holding the title of Girlfriend after what seemed like a short time of knowing Gomez, but yet again, Grande has been know to move fast in relationships (@Pete Davidson). Fans were even more surprised to see how quickly Gomez and Grande tied the knot post engagement announcement, which, in fact, has been one of the most liked pictures on the internet this year. Grande’s dating life timeline from the very start has had her fans investigating and wondering why the Grande posts, quotes, and music are vague and mysterious.

Arianna’s recent marriage to Dalton Gomez has captured the world’s attention for reasons about both her choice of hubby and the execution of a wedding ceremony. Here is all we know about Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Gomez’s whirlwind relationship in three short categories.

Quarantine Kicks Off The Love

According to Billboard, The couple began dating in 2020 and choose to keep the relationship under the radar. The choice to keep true love a secret is up for speculation; however, Grande’s massive fame and an enormous amount of critics are both justifiable reasons for keeping hush. As 2020 kicked off the USA’s first Quarantine, Grande and Gomez took advantage of the time secluded at home while also using that time they announce their relationship officially through song and diamonds. Stuck with your debut on youtube and Spotify ft. Grande and boyfriend Gomez are getting rather snuggly in what seemed to be Grande’s bedroom, along with clips of Justin Beiber and wife Hailey in the song’s music video. Of course, fans were surprised and yet confused at grande for keeping a massive secret, especially after recently breaking things off with fiance Pete Davidson.

A Pearl And a Diamond

On June 3rd, The singer announced via Instagram post her second engagement to Dalton Gomez. Grande showcased a stunning ring complete with both a pearl and a diamond on the band. Racking up 15.4 million likes making Grande’s engagement announcement in the top 10 most likes photos of the year on Instagram. Grande’s post was both sweet and simple, reflecting her pure joy for the true love she has found. Many of Grande’s celebrity friends and family showed their support through the comments section, congratulating and sending love to the couple.

An At-Home Wedding Fit For a Queen

On May 15th Grande changed her prefix from Miss Arianna Grande to Mrs. Arianna Gomez in a private at-home wedding ceremony. The wedding took place at the singer’s house in what looks to be a living room of some sort. Details about the wedding and who attended are still in question. Still, then again, the pure happiness radiating off of the couple’s photos might be enough to satisfy spectators and fans and simply wish the couple a blessed marriage. We know that Grande toned down her style to a simple white fitted silk dress as her wedding gown. Dalton Gomez surely knocked our socks off as well with a crisp black tux and simple hairdo. The couple is photographed in vintage lighting with white and pink flowers floating from the sky and elegant candles outlining the room’s floor. The couple is gleaming in their wedding photos and sure does give us the bare minimum of this timeless event.