Ariana Grande has been nothing short of the center of attention since 2011 when her musical career kicked off. This celeb had many people obsessed with her sleek high ponytail look, cropped tops and little leather skirts early on in her career. These looks are produced by the well known Fashion Stylist Mimi Cuttrell, Celebrity Makeup Artist: Michael Anthony and last but not least, Celebrity Hair Stylist: Josh Liu. Together, they create unforgettable looks for Grande. I’m loving how she’s recently been branching out of her comfort zone- style wise. Apart from her releasing her new song with Lady Gaga, “Rain on Me” this year. She is now newly engaged; announced via Instagram 12.20.20 with the caption, “forever n then some” along with a series of photographs. This came to a shock to some, as she kept this relationship under wraps. Grande also released a new documentary on Netflix, titled “Excuse Me, I Love You” on 12.21.20. Talk about a good week. 

Ms. Grande followed the trend of creating a documentary based on her life of music and gives the viewers an inside peek of an artist on tour. She followed the footsteps of Lady Gaga, “Five Foot Two” (2017) and Taylor Swift, “Miss Americana” (2020). Her documentary starts with an eye catching performance. Keep reading for the break down of the documentary.


Magic-the first word I think about while watching her perform with her vocal genius. The dancing and singing are purely astonishing. I simply could not take my eyes off the dancer’s intricate movement to all of Grande’s vocals. However, after the first, second, okay are we on the tenth song now? I became overwhelmed with disappointment that replaced the magical feeling. When was Grande going to open up? I reached for the remote thinking that I was being dramatic and no, we were twenty-seven minutes into the documentary and no personalization was seen for the viewers. I was waiting- waiting for the artist to connect her past with her present, and give us details about her experiences; and it simply did not happen. I wish that a page would have been taken out of the playbook of the prior artists mentioned. As a viewer, I felt closer to Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift after I watched their documentaries. So far, she’s shared one humorous story. Grande apparently picked up dog poop while FaceTiming Kristina Chenowith. I have the same questions as The New York Times on this, why did this happen and where is the footage? This would have added a lot of character in the documentary. “Though the majority of the movie focuses on this singer’s powerhouse vocals during her 2019 Sweetener World Tour, there are glimpses into Grande’s offstage life that are a refreshing contrast to her glam persona” I wanted more and needed more for satisfaction for “Excuse Me, I Love You” . There is no way I’m alone on this one.

Documentary or Concert?

This is the question I kept finding myself asking. Perhaps, I was under the wrong impression, due to this movie being listed as mainly a documentary but later found it under a documentary/concert within the Netflix categories. Confusion took over me as I continued to watch. The only curtain that we were able to see behind was the smallest of clothes followed by an instant let down. Who is Ariana Grande? I was expected to know the answer to this after I watched this new release. I feel the exact same about the artist as before I watched the documentary. No new knowledge and no new news. I actually think I learned more by Instagram stalking her. In order to fully enjoy this Documentary (mostly concert) go into it expecting of learning no new information and be a major “Arianator.” Then there will be no let down. 


Where was it? Don’t get me wrong, you see her open up to her crew with gratitude for their hard work and she showed her appreciation, which is amazing. But, aside from Grande getting emotional about Mariah Carey selecting her and the excitement she showed when President Trump was impeached; there wasn’t enough heart. How did Grande get to where she is? Where’s unseen footage of her? How does she prep herself emotionally before and after her concerts? 

Maybe I went into this with the incorrect mindset. Grande has experienced so much in a short period of time. She even hints in the slightest ways that the year of this specific tour was a hard year for her. I am dying to know why that is from her perspective! Her personal story needs to be shared with the world. Where was the bit about dating Mac Miller and falling in love with him or being engaged to Pete Davidson? So many questions. Maybe there will be a part two? With the intent of writing this and piecing this article together into different themes, this simply could not be done. There is no themes or hidden meaning within this documentary; it’s simply a concert with tiny sneak peeks of behind the scenes footage. If you go into this movie wanting to watch a concert for pure entertainment, great dancing and great vocals then this is for you.