While the internet is in a complete frenzy over Ariana getting engaged to a man we hardly even knew she was dating, I’m out here on the sidelines digging up some lesser known tea about the star. It’s just so incredibly ironic that this all happened on the weekend of her Netflix documentary debut, but I digress. Instead of re-reading the same information over and over across multiple different platforms, I’m here to provide some fresh facts that you probably didn’t know. Whether you’re a huge fan like me or not, your ears will perk up as we dive into the nitty gritty of America’s pop princess!

Speaking of Princess

I personally think Ariana looks and sounds like a princess on any given day, and her name was inspired by just that – Princess Oriana from 80’s classic, Felix the Cat. Princess Oriana was a friendly companion with magical tears, which may have been inspiration for Ariana when naming her hit single “No Tears Left to Cry.”

YouTube, I Tube

It may seem like we just woke up one day and an Ariana was… everywhere. But she actually got her start like a lot of other artists this generation – including her friend Justin Bieber – singing covers on YouTube! At the time, she was playing Kat Valentine on the Nickelodeon series Victorious. But once the CEO of Republic Records found her videos and showed interest in her insane vocals, Ariana was able to focus more on her singing career and breaking out as an artist. And the rest is pop history!

Dog Days

Okay I love dogs, but 9?! You shouldn’t have 9 of anything, besides cookies. Ariana is basically over there with an entire rescue shelter at her house like it’s nothing! Her brood currently includes Toulouse, Coco, Cinnamon, Strauss, Lafayette, Pignoli, Lily, Snape, and Myron – Mac Miller’s dog whom she promised to take care of once he passed. In addition to her fur pals, Ariana also has a micro pig named Piggy Smallz.  And outside of her own rescue crew, Ariana recently opened an actual animal shelter in Los Angeles called Orange Twins Rescue.

Have Faith

Ariana has followed Kabbalah teachings since around the age of 12, after her brother was rejected by the Catholic Church for being a homosexual. They both found a mutual connection in the Kabbalah faith, and Ariana often claims she owes her beautiful life to the tools she learned through Kabbalah. You can often see her red string adorning her wrist.

Signature Do

Some of us probably want to believe that Ariana came out of the womb with her signature ponytail, but it actually came from a need! In 2014, Ariana revealed that her ponytail extension actually conceals her dead, real hair under it. During her Nickelodeon days, Ariana had to dye her hair bright red every single week to keep up with her character. As an adult, her hair is now damaged and broken beyond repair. But nothing a fierce pony can’t fix! If you’re lucky, sometimes you can catch Ariana and her natural locks on her Instagram stories.

Walking Art Gallery

Like dogs, Ariana also likes to collect meaningful tattoos – 55 to be exact. Her first tattoo was a heart on her toe to commemorate her 2012 debut album “Yours Truly,” and her collection grew quickly from there. Her gallery ranges from symbols like a bumble bee, crescent moon, and a cloud, to pop culture references from some of her favorites like Harry Potter and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Joan of Arc

It’s no doubt that Ariana gets most of her “I am woman, hear me roar” mentality from her mother, Joan. While often traveling the world as her daughter’s right-hand lady, Joan is also the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a huge company manufacturing safety and communications tools for the Marines, Navy, and US Coastguards. It’s safe to say, Ariana got it from her mama.

Scream Queen

Ariana’s favorite movie genre is horror. As a child, she would spend her normal days walking around in scary Halloween masks. She explained to Billboard that she got her dream Jaws themed party for her 5th birthday, and that all her friends left crying. Ariana’s other top favorite horror films include The Ring, Paranormal Activity 2, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Being a part of this fandom definitely helped prepare her for her role in Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens.

And there are some fun tidbits before you jump into Ms. Grande’s Netflix Special. It’s always fun to dive in a little deeper than what we see everyday on Instagram and MTV. We wish her all the best as she enters this next phase in her life, and we hope Pete Davidson is keeping his chin up out there in Staten Island.