Whether it’s pulling out expert-level dance moves at Coachella or promoting her latest fur baby via IG, Ariana Grande has taken the world of pop culture and created a whole new meaning to it. The singer made a mark on our hearts back in 2010 when the popular Nickelodeon show Victorious took Grande on the cast as a sweet, innocent girl with the voice of an angel. Grande was the furthest thing from the producer’s mind as victoria Justice was thought to be the star of the shows and the newest rising star.

It may be obvious that Grande had no intention of being forgotten in the music and film industry. This may not be obvious to some people, and in that case, we highly recommend re-listing to ALL of Grande’s songs about empowerment and her smaller than a speck of dust tolerance for negative vibes and people.

The Real Ariana

The life of a superstar can indeed be taxing on the mind’s sole and mear sanity. However, Grande has been a focal point for just how one should deal with fame, fortune, and failure. Grande has a sense of “if the drama isn’t there, don’t stare” Grande is the queen of diminishing drama from her life, even if the spotlight. We can all recall Grandes many relationships that seemed to disappear and reappear overnight. Her failed engagement to Pete Davidson and grief over ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s death were the topics ready to pounce nationally for a quick penny for the press. Grande had no intention of letting anyone make that penny off her as she kept fairly quiet about both massive life events that she experienced. Sure many magazines, Tabloids, and the Ellen show, of course, tried to strip the T and details from the young singer’s lips. Still, with confidence and attitude, she became what the youngster call, a savage as she shut down and clapped back in an astonishingly firm but respectful way.

Grande is known for having a sassy, classy and don’t you dare cross my spirit, a spirit of character that many hate, fear or have pushed them to be the best they can be. As a pop culture Icon, Grande has turned the music industry upside down with her constant spot on the top of the music charts, flavorful lyrics, and unique arrangments. Her music is in a genre that everyone can get down to and enjoy during their state of mind. Grandes most significant push in her music is ending the status quo of needing a lover. The idea of a partner making us happier over ourselves making us happy is a big no-no in the book of AG. As many people struggle with relationships and love, Ariana is completely raw and honest about who we can be in relationships. Whether you are needy, pretending, ghostin, lusting, or on to the next, Grande talks about it all under a vibe that makes you feel confident, completely untouchable.

The Struggle of a Role Model

Grandes Image has certainly raised a few questions about whether she is a good role model for young people. Her image has been suggestive over the years of her growth as an artist, and her music continues to leave less and less to the imagination. Her latest song that has caused controversy fans, who have left disappointing comments and incredibly empowering comments, is known as, you know what, a sex position. It would be unfair to single grande out as many artists such as Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown have consistently used sex and positions as the basis of songs, albums, and music videos. The reality is that people sing, promote, and act what sells, and sex sells. Grande has a challenging role as one of the most famous women in this generation but most likely throughout music history. As a young woman, her dreams, goals, and aspirations may be much different than what society deems appropriate or acceptable for some eyes and ears.

Fortunately for us, our goals and dreams are not criticized at the level that many celebrities experience. This reality gives a good explanation for many of the questionable or confusing acts we see from stars. Grande has made it more than clear that she loves her fans more than anything and would not be where she is today without them. The young star is growing up herself and still figuring out what she has to say, what she thinks and expects out of her life. The position of a role model keeps it real, focuses on the positive, and worries only about what they can do and change, and if that doesn’t sound like the characteristics of Grande, then I am not sure what does.

Sleek and Unique

This wouldn’t be a piece about Ariana Grande unless we talked fashion. The girl practical dresses for either bed or a night on the town and always looks flawless. Now let us not kid ourselves and remember that Grande has her team of stylists and experts to make her look smashing 24/7 but come on! If any of us have seen grande back in the mid-2000s, we know that just like our bad fashion days, even the hottest celebrity in the world has been through some thoughts of mortification, and potentially a clothes burning ceremony. We have all been through it and hopefully risen from that to a massive glow up. Grande has played a part in starting many popular fashion trends that the world cannot get enough. My all-time favorite has to be the “brought back from the dead” bike shorts and giant sweater with your favorite pair of white shoes. Now we cannot forget to give credit where it is due, so thank you, Princess Diana, for starting the trend and giving us the ultimate life through the independently fascinating shots from the paparazzi. No one can pull this look off better than Princess Di, but Grande sure comes close. The star has sparked the bike shorts again, and the entire nation was living for a simple pair of mid-thigh shorts, perfect for any shape or size.

If you know Grande, you know she has her head in the clouds, Literally. Aside from a massive ponytail, Grande is known for her buns, not those buns! The infamous space buns that I dare say we haven’t seen since princesses Leia! Grande can be seen with the buns in many IG posts and shots captured of her running errands around town. Many fans support grande through this specific hairstyle, and may I confess, the buns work it! Although the grande sends a chill vibe through her wardrobe, we all know this girl can WORK IT! I must say I haven’t seen a celebrity that wears outfits that I envy daily; however, Grande has taken that empty spot in my life. We may all be asking ourselves very similar questions regarding Grande’s look, like, who has that many matching outfits? Second, who looks that good in everything? And third, can I be Ariana Grande? This day and age speak fashion, everything is judged by appearance, and I must say, Grande has mastered that part of her life. Grande can be seen modeling for Versace, the star of breathtaking selfies, or the Icon for thigh-high leather boots. Perhaps the best thing about Grande is her authenticity and outward example of confidence; this can be seen through her clothing, approach to the constant publicity, and the sweet photos of her nona or mom that she constantly shares.

She Can’t Be Stopped

Aside from Grande being a fashion icon, granddaughter of the year, and the town’s constant talk, Grande’s root of fame obviously has nothing to do with anything but her voice. A voice of an angel, some may say, or is that just me who says it? Grande is the 2019 Grammy award winner for best pop vocal album of the year, holder of many MTV music awards, Billboards top female artist in 2019, and the first artist is the first artist to hold the top three Billboard Hot 100 spots since The Beatles with her three songs “7 Rings,” “Break Up With Your Girlfriend,” and “Thank U, Next.” This woman has made it clear that her voice is here to stay, and I don’t think anyone is arguing with her.

As a young artist starting her career in her early teens, Grande has shaken up with the music industry in only a few years and has been at the height of her career for the last six consistent years. She has made appearances and performed at some of the world’s most elite events, singing at Aritha Franklines funereal, Palm springs Coachella, and the United States White House. Grande’s sensational voice is compared to some of the biggest legends and icons in the music industry, and you would be lying if you didn’t understand why. Grande has sold out hundreds of concerts, signed thousands of autographs, and been applauded by the world’s most elite and honorable individuals. Although controversy may surround the singer’s style and image, her talent is undeniable and has had a massive impact on music forever. Whether this pop sensation sticks around forever or graces us with music for only a few more years, it is almost impossible to argue that Ariana Grande isn’t and won’t forever remain one of the greatest pop stars of all time.


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