As an actor, you have to be tough as nails and have the thickest skin. It’s a position full of promises, disappointment, dream making, sacrifices, rejection and ambition. Some have 15 minutes of fame while others get to have a lifetime. But as long as your successful, that’s all that matters. For rising actor Adrian Dev, that’s the case. Now we get the chance to here his story and where his passion and ambition have led him on this path.

Q: Your name is very unique, what is your background?

A: My background is South East Asian aka Indian American.

Q: How did you end up going into acting?

A: I did a couple plays growing up when I lived in New Jersey and Houston! Then in college I switched my major a million times before I ended up doing broadcasting. Followed by tv production while also becoming a working actor in this industry taking any and all acting and production work I could find!

Q: Is anyone else in your family in the entertainment industry?

A: My mom used to choreograph dancers when I was younger. But other than that not that I know of…I’m definitely the black sheep of my family…or the GOAT 

Q: What was your first professional experience?

A: Honestly I can’t remember. I think it was working on a student film for USC that I was a PA in as well as acting in. I’m sure like everyone it was a gig I found on backstage or la casting.

Q: Have you met anyone interesting that you have worked with?

A: So many people, honestly in all departments of production and on cast! We are blessed to be in an industry full of so many talented and creative people. One of my favorite days on set was on Season 2 of Westworld. Coming to set at a really early call time wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a Dodgers hat and running into Anthony Hopkins in the morning at breakfast wearing the exact same combination except with a Yankees hat. I got to work on a few scenes on a movie The Laundromat on Netflix with Steven Soderbergh directing, and just to watch the way he works and creates was pretty awesome.

Q: Tell the readers, what you have learned and process since becoming an actor?

A: Persistence and Determination I think would be the Key. Nothing comes easy in this industry and you definitely have to be willing to put in the work for it! You definitely have to have thick skin but also just remember to have fun with it. We are living the dream as actors getting to follow our passion and play pretend for a living.

Q: What projects have you been working on? Anything we might have seen?

A: As far as projects I’ve been working on after Mulan and the pandemic it’s mostly been auditioning. Working on my skill sets training with some of LAs finest acting coaches, whether it’s with Berg Studios or Markland Studios.

Q: What was your most exciting event you got to be a part of?

A: Best event I’ve gotten to be a part of probably Snoop Dogg and Matt Barnes athletes vs cancers charity celebrity game. As a former athlete and with my love for the game of football…definitely the one I had the most fun at. 

Q: Where do you want to see yourself as an actor? Do you see yourself more in films or television or both?

A: With the way TV is going these days definitely both! I think the line between them has slowly vanished. You’re getting quality work on both sides and shows with huge feature like budgets with directors and production staff that are just as capable in both! 

Q: What is your ultimate dream project to do?

A: Any project with either Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino….it honestly doesn’t get better than them…so much classic work across so many genres…are you kidding me….or um definitely Batman…Idk if there would be a brown Batman…but if there ever is..let’s hope I can at least get an audition 

Q: When not acting, what do you like to do?

A: Spend time with my family, eat endless good food or work on either my craft or my fitness. As an actor your body is your temple…so just dedication to the craft and your skill set.

Q: Through all this, how would this be a learning lesson to you and for those wanting to go into this field?

A: I always say the best work comes when you’re on fire with passion about whatever it is….if you want this you have to really want it and tune out what everyone around you that doesn’t have the same vision says…there is a lot of doubt that will come your way from inside and others and you just have to remember to bet on yourself always above everything! 

Adrian certainly has had quite the career and the experience. From meeting interesting and well-known people to working on well-known projects, Mr.Dev is definitely headed in the right direction. At the rate he is going, his star is just getting higher and higher. In the meantime, Mr.Dev can be followed at the following pages below!

Twitter: @iamadriandev

Instagram: @iamadriandev